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Threadlocking Innovations from Loctite®

The Threadlocking Breakthrough

Threadlockers were first invented more than a half-century ago by Loctite, now Henkel Corporation. They revolutionized industry with their reliability and ease of use. These liquid threadlocking solutions are now employed in a wide range of applications, from the smallest and most delicate electronic and computer components, to heavy-duty vehicles and construction equipment.

Threadlocking Tape and Semisolid Threadlockers: Versatility and Cleanliness

Loctite® QuickTape® 249™ Threadlocking Tape
The first threadlocker in a convenient tape form. Easy to use with no mess and no waste, Loctite QuickTape 249 Threadlocking Tape provides the same reliable performance as traditional Loctite medium-strength threadlocking liquids and sticks. It can even be pre-applied for future assemblies. It’s a MUST HAVE for every toolbox!

Threadlocking Tape and Semisolid Threadlockers: Versatility and Cleanliness

QuickStix™Semisolid Threadlockers
No mess, easy to apply and pocket-friendly, Loctite QuickStix 248™ Medium Strength and Loctite QuickStix 268™ High Strength Threadlockers are ideal for overhead and pre-dispensed applications. Use in conjunction with Loctite QuickStix 7088™ Primer.

Primerless Threadlockers: Speed and Performance

Loctite® 243™ Medium & 263™ High Strength Threadlockers
The new Loctite 243 Medium Strength and Loctite 263 High Strength Threadlockers offer all of the performance properties of the original Loctite 242® and 262™ products, plus more, to meet the ever- changing, ever-demanding industrial environments of today and tomorrow. The new formulas offer:

  • High temperature performance able to withstand temperatures up to 360°F (182°C)
  • Improved cure performance on oil-contaminated surfaces
  • Cure without primer, even on inactive surfaces such as stainless steel

Learn more about our Primerless Threadlockers.

High Temperature Threadlockers: Performance and Convenience

The new paste formula of Loctite® 2422™ High Temperature, Medium Strength Threadlocker and Loctite 2620™ High Temperature, High Strength Threadlocker does not run or migrate, and withstands continuous exposure to temperatures up to 650°F (340°C). These products are conveniently packaged in syringes for easy dispensing. Disassembling Loctite 2620 High Temp, High Strength Threadlocker requires heating to above 650°F (340°C) and disassembling while hot.

Large Fastener Threadlockers: High Lubricity and High Strength

Loctite® 2047™ Threadlocker
Designed for applications on fasteners over 7/8" in diameter, Loctite 2047 Threadlocker and its formula with increased lubricity allow proper clamp load to be achieved by reducing friction. In addition, its high strength property will ensure that clamp load is maintained when exposed to vibration. Standard threadlockers may not have sufficient lubricity on large fasteners to achieve ultimate clamp load.

Low Odor Threadlockers: Sensitive Areas and Confined Spaces

Loctite® 2423™ Threadlocker, Low Odor, Medium Strength
Loctite 2423 Threadlocker is designed for applications in sensitive areas and confined spaces. Suited for fasteners between 1⁄4" and 3⁄4".

Threadlocking User's Guide:


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