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Choosing a Loctite® Threadlocker

Threadlocker Key Selection Factors


  • Low Strength: Ideal for fasteners <1⁄4" (6 mm). Easy disassembly using hand tools
  • Medium Strength: Designed to be removable with standard hand tools on 1⁄4" to 3⁄4" fasteners
  • High Strength: Designed to deliver high strength on 1⁄4" to 3⁄4" (6 mm to 22 mm) fasteners. For removal, it may require localized heat (>550°F/260°C), hand tools, and disassembly while hot


  • Liquid Formulas: Everyday assembly; ideal for fine threads and blind holes
  • Semisolid Formulas: Pocket-friendly, ideal for overhead applications
  • Tape Formula: Pocket-friendly; controlled application; can be pre-applied several days before assembly

Application Methods

  • Pre-Applied: QuickTape threadlocker can be applied beforehand on bolts that are waiting to be assembled
  • Pre-Assembly: Most Loctite® liquid threadlockers are designed to be applied at the moment that parts will be assembled
  • Post-Assembly: Wicking grade formula can be applied on parts that are already assembled

Materials Being Assembled

Loctite Threadlockers - 4 colors
LOCTITE® Threadlockers by Color

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