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The Adhesive Sourcebook 2013 Volume 16

(7.84 MB)
Your source for Loctite® products for design, assembly, manufacturing and maintenance.

View or download the Sourcebook by Section

Adhesives and Sealants for Panel Assembly

(5.16 MB)

Adhesive and Sealant products for Panel Assembly, including laminating adhesives, specialty coatings, surface treatments, and more.


Adhesives Selector Guide

(1.12 MB)

Henkel's line of general industrial adhesives allows manufacturers the ability to bond a variety of different substrates under a wide rande of process and environmental parameters.

(LT-6265 - 10/14/11)

Secure Fasteners & Strengthen Interference Fits

Featured Article in Design World Magazine, February 2014:  How to Secure Fasteners and Strengthen Interference Fits

Assembly Magazine Featured Article

(717 KB)
Retaining compounds enable engineers to design robust, lightweight joints at less cost than traditional interference fits.


Elastomeric Adhesives and Sealants

(0.35 MB)

Elastomeric adhesives and sealants are the newest Loctite® product line.

(LT-5146, 12/08)

How to Prevent Threaded Assembly Failure

(1.9 MB)

Assembly Magazine, How-to ad, March 2010

Hysol® Hot Melt Adhesives and Equipment

(0.72 MB)

Henkel has expanded its Loctite® Hysol® Hot Melt offerings to include a complete line of adhesives, hand held dispensers, and a new line of bulk Hot Melt equipment.


Industrial Solutions Selector Guide

(5.5 MB)

This selector guide will aid you in choosing the right solution and product for a wide range of common industrial challenges.

(LT-5142, 07/09)

Loctite® Adhesive Connection System

(0.63 MB)

Learn the components and applications of the Loctite® Adhesive Connection System. This patent pending process is specially formulated for bonding light gauge steel building components.


Loctite® Flex Duct Adhesive Solutions

Henkel is the market leader in adhesive solutions for the manufacture of flexible air duct components. Through our long history as a supplier to this industry, we have developed a full line of adhesive products that meet the performance needs of our customers and governing building codes.


Loctite® Instant Adhesives

(1.5 MB)

Loctite® Instant Adhesives provided instant solutions to a myriad of assembly challenges, including those using plastics, elastomers and metals. This brochure describes the features and applications of the products in this line.

(LT-4435, 02/10)

Loctite® Structural Adhesives Selector Guide

(4.57 MB)

Loctite® Structural Adhesives are available in a range of formulations, including one-part epoxy, two-part epoxy, acrylic and polyurethane, and two-step acrylic adhesives. They have been specially formulated to meet a variety of industrial bonding requirements and are available in four application categories: magnet bonding, metal bonding, multiple surface bonding, and plastic & composite bonding.

(LT-4809, 09/11)

Loctite® Superflex® SpeedSeal™

(3.08 MB)

Loctite® Superflex® SpeedSeal™ is a 1-component, fast-dry RTV silicone that withstands water contact just 2 hours after application. This 100% silicone rubber sealant replaces traditional sealants that require a minimum 24 hours prior to water exposure.

Loctite® Threadlocking User's Guide

(1.15 MB)

The most comprehensive Loctite guide for threadlocking training, featuring threadlocking fundamentals, mechanical locking / threadlocking comparison, and Loctite threadlocking innovations.

(LT-4985, 12/13)

Loctite® Thread Treatment Sticks Kit

(0.19 MB)

Ordering information for the Loctite® Thread Treatment Sticks Kit, a collection of all five products offered in this innovative line in one convenient package.


Retaining Compound Design Guide

(1.6 MB)
Retaining Compound Design Guide for Industrial Manufacturing and Assembly
(LT-5021)  9/13

Retaining Sell Sheet

(471 KB)
LOCTITE® retaining compounds for strong cylindrical assemblies.

Structural Products for Composite Assembly

(1.01 MB)

A guide to Henkel’s structural products for composite assembly, including films, pastes and adhesives.



Alodine Touch-N-Prep Coating

(87.21 MB)

Henkel developd Alodine 1132 coating with the convenient Touch-N-Prep applicator pen to provide a clean, easy-to-use method of repairing conversion coatings on aircraft and aircraft part surfaces.


Custom Packaging Information Kit

(0.18 MB)

Information on custom packing options for MRO, including cartridge kits, E-Z Pak, Dual Cartridge/Static Mixer Kits and Pudding Cups. These solutions reduce hazardous waste and improve employee productivity and safety.


Henkel QPL-81706 Approved Conversion Coatings
(1.4 MB)
Henkel has a complete line of ready-to-use conversion coatings and surface treatments for aerospace applications. These products are available with multiple application options to provide optimal performance, while reducing waste costs.
Hysol® Core Splices

(0.50 MB)

A guide to Henkel Core Splices, a class of foaming film adhesives. Key features, chemistries and product configurations.


Epsilon™ 99100 Resin

Epsilon™ 99100 is a durable and effective benzoxazine resin system that significantly enhances mechanical performance and durability, with high temperature performance and low flammability properties.


Hysol® Liquid Shims

(0.37 MB)

A guide to the aerospace applications of Hysol® Liquid Shims, epoxy-based materials that possess extreme high compressive strengths.


Hysol® SynCore® Design Guide

(0.72 MB)

An Aerospace Technology Guide


Jet Engine Cleaning Technologies from Henkel

(0.37 MB)

A chart listing Henkel products for the cleaning of jet engine components.


Peel Ply Preparation Technical Paper

(0.88 MB)

A technical paper detailing the key factors of the Peel Ply Surface Preparation Process.


Product Selector Guide for the Aerospace Industry

(1.8 MB)

Product Selector Guide for the Aerospace Industry.

(LT-6240; 05/11))

Structural Adhesive Pastes

Structural Adhesive Pastes for Aerospace MRO Applications

(7.35 MB)

The aerospace group of Henkel offers several pre-measured packaging options that are especially suitable for maintenance and repair operations. Mixing small quantities of two-component materials is easily accomplished with cartridge kits, pudding cups and E-Z PAK®.

(LT-5104, 11/03/11)

Structural Adhesive Solutions from Henkel

(1.50 MB)

From one-component, heat-cured adhesives to two-component, room-temperature-curing structural adhesives, Henkel develops advanced technologies and provides superior service to the automotive and transportation industries.


Surface Preparation Guide

(252 KB)

The Henkel Aerospace group releases a guide to preparing almost every surface for bigger projects. From degreasing metals to chemical treaments on surfaces, this guide can successfully help start any new project right.


Agricultural and Construction Machinery

Loctite® 2007 Product Selector Guide (John Deere)

(1.41 MB)

The Loctite® 2007 Product Selector Guide offers information about the full array of professional grade Loctite products for the automotive aftermarket, including features, benefits and packaging availability.


Agri/Const Machinery - Cab Applications Guide

(2.38 MB)

This guide provides engineers with the knowledge to qualify Henkel adhesive, sealant surface treatment technologies for cab applications. Compete information on features, benefits and key attributes of each product.



Appliance Brochure

(0.45 MB)

For the Appliance Industry, Henkel provides surface treatments, adhesives and sealants, equipment solutions and packaging solutions. High-performance products from one convenient source.


Loctite® Appliance Application Translation Guide

(0.20 MB)

The Appliance Application Guide lists adhesive products for washers, dryers, dishwashers, gas ranges, refrigerators and freezers.


Automotive OEM

Solutions for the Automotive Industry

(1.76 MB)

Henkel's Automotive portfolio represents the most advanced structural adhesive and sealant technology for automotive applications.


Aquence® 930™ Coating Sell Sheet

(3.89 MB)

Henkel’s Aquence® 930™ coating delivers enhanced corrosion performance for demanding applications like vehicle frames and chassis components.

(LT-5866, 06/30)

Aquence® 935G™ Coating Sell Sheet

(3.74 MB)

The next generation epoxy-acrylic urethane coating provides all the performance advantages of autodeposited coatings with a lighter color base for topcoating with powder and liquid paints.

(LT-5865, 06/30)

Aquence® Co-Cure Process Sell Sheet

(2.52 MB)

Henkel’s Aquence® Co-Cure is a revolutionary, energy-efficient coating process that greatly simplifies paint shops by utilizing a single“Co-Cure” oven to combine bilayer or multilayer coating systems: Aquence® autodeposition primer and topcoat along with adhesives and sealants.

(LT-5867, 06/30)

Automotive Capabilities Brochure

(1.12 MB)

With an established global infrastructure, an extensive engineering resource network of more than 3000 engineers and chemists worldwide, and an integrated communications network, our team at Henkel delivers comprehensive solutions for individual vehicle applications, and entire assembly lines.


Aquence® Autodeposition Process Centers Map

(0.19 MB)

A map of locations and contact information for the North American Process Centers for Henkel’s Autodeposition Coatings.

(LT-4650, 11/16/11)

Friction Bonding Manual

(4.77 MB)

A manual offering step-by-step instructions on how to apply, bond and test friction products using Henkel’s Plastilock® and Aqualock® adhesives, as well as related equipment recommendations.


Global Automotive Brochure

(2.19 MB)

Henkel is the market leader in adhesives, sealants and surface treatments to the automotive industry.


Headlamp Adhesive Technology

(0.29 MB)

Design and Assembly solutions for headlamps


Henkel Powertrain Technologies

(2.75 MB)

A brochure describing Henkel solutions for every step of powertrain manufacturing, from adhesives and surface treatments to cleaners and corrosion preventatives


Hysol® Friction Bonding Adhesives Selector Guide

(0.13 MB)

A table listing the key features and attributes of Henkel’s Friction Bonding Adhesives. These include Shoe Dips, Lining Adhesives, Disk Brake Products and Friction Paper Bonding Adhesives.


Hysol® Polyamide Hot Melt Selector Guide

(0.71 MB)

A table listing the key features and attributes of Henkel’s Polyamide Hotmelt Adhesives.


Hysol® Polyolefin Hot Melt Selector Guide

(0.71 MB)

A table listing the key features and attributes of Henkel’s Polyolefin Hot Melt Adhesives.


Hysol® Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Selector Guide

(0.71 MB)

A table listing the key features and attributes of Henkel’s Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesives.


Hysol® Reactive Urethane Hot Melt Selector Guide

(0.71 MB)

A table listing the key features and attributes of Henkel’s Reactive Urethane Hot Melt Adhesives.


Hysol® Vinyl Bonding Adhesives Selector Guide

(0.14 MB)

A table listing the key features and attributes of Henkel’s Vinyl Bonding Adhesives. These include Bi-Laminate Coextrusion Adhesives, Injection Molding Adhesives, Glass Encapsulation Adhesives and Coil Coating/Laminating Adhesives.


Liquid Gasket Product Information Kit

(0.46 MB)

Henkel’s complete portfolio of Liquid Gasket Products cover every vehicle application imaginable. Quality you can trust from the Loctite® name.


Liquid Gasketing Quick Reference Selector Guide

(0.16 MB)

Gasketing Quick Reference

(LT-4256, 1/08)

Loctite® 5100™ & 5110™ Flexseal® Sell Sheets

(0.42 MB)

Henkel’s Loctite® 5100™ and 5110™ Flexseal® penetrating sealants provide 100% sealing of microscopic gaps and pores in critical electrical and electronic components.


Loctite® One-Pass™ System

(0.16 MB)

Total Removal of Surface Contaminants with Loctite® One-Pass™ System.


Loctite® PM 5120™

(0.36 MB)

Loctite® PM 5120™ Powder Metal Plating Grade Sealant sell sheet.


Loctite® Press-Pak™ System

(0.16 MB)

First Pumpless Adhesive Dispensing System - Loctite® Press-Pak™ System.


Loctite® 5251™ Sealant

(1.28 MB)

Introducing Loctite® 5251™ Sealant, a Cured-In-Place liquid gasket that is an alternative to molded rubber.


Loctite® 5810™ Polyacrylate Sealant Sell Sheet

(0.15 MB)
The next generation in liquid Formed-In-Place gaskets for powertrain sealing.

Loctite® 5880™ Series Mold-in-Place Sell Sheet

(0.16 MB)
Introducing Loctite® 5880™ series liquid polyacrylate (ACM), Mold-in-Place technology. A unique product and process for overmolding high performance compression gaskets directly onto parts – in seconds!

Loctite® Porosity Sealing by Design

(0.60 MB)

Henkel brings the Loctite® Impregnation System™ (LIS) to the manufacturing world. LIS has become the industry standard for sealing porosity in all types of manufactured parts.


Loctite® Porosity Sealing Technology

(0.20 MB)

Design in Zero-Defect Quality with Loctite® Porosity Sealing Technlogy. Loctite® Porosity Sealants and Equipment are available for all your sealing needs.


Loctite® Resinol® 88C

(0.40 MB)

Loctite® Resinol® 88C Porosity Sealing Resin.


Loctite® Vacuum Impregnation Systems

(1.34 MB)

Henkel is the world’s leading supplier of porosity sealing products and technologies. With a full range of Loctite® branded custom designed vacuum impregnation process equipment, a variety of sealant products and comprehensive technical support, Henkel can meet every sealing need.


P3® Chemical Specialties for Automotive Interiors

(0.20 MB)

A table listing the key features and attributes of Henkel’s Chemical Specialties for Automotive Interiors. These include plastics cleaning, fabric cleaning and highlighting.


Structural, NVH, and Sealing Solutions Sell Sheets

(0.75 MB)
This document contains the Structural Solutions, NVH Solutions, Sealing Solutions Sell Sheets.

Systems Integration Process Solutions for Industry

(0.14 MB)

Loctite® Systems Integration Process Solutions for Industry.


TecTalis™ Pretreatment Technology Sell Sheet

As the world’s first nanoceramic conversion coating process for metals, Henkel’s Bonderite® pretreatment technology is proving to be far superior in terms of quality, ecology and economics.

Terophon® High Damping Foam (HDF) Sell Sheet

(0.19 MB)
Terophon® High Damping Foam (HDF) is a novel treatment for structure borne noise paths in body architecture and is compatible with today’s assembly process.

Terostat® 9096™ PL and Terostat® 9000™ PL HMLC

(0.91 MB)

Only Teroson® offers the best overall value, lowest cost option and exceptional technical support for all your window glazing applications.

(LT- 5146)

Trim Adhesives Literature Kit

(2.49 MB)

Henkel offers advanced automotive adhesive technology for a variety of interior and exterior trim applications.


Automotive Aftermarket and Repair

AAM Adhesives and Sealants Guide, Vol. 6

(2.9 MB)

In this catalog, you’ll find everything you need to know about Loctite® brand products for the Automotive Aftermarket and how they serve your application needs.


Disc Brake Quiet Stick

(0.46 MB)

Information on the revolutionary Loctite® Disc Brake Quiet Stick, specially formulated to dampen brake pad vibrations and eliminate noise. A vast improvement over traditional solvent and water-based products.


"Do It Right" Users Guide

The primary function of this User’s Guide is to help you, the automotive professional, with the proper selection and use of Loctite® products.


Glass Maintenance and Repair Selector Guide

(1.02 MB)

With the Loctite® Glass Maintenance and Repair Selector Guide, you’ll always know which quality Loctite sealer, adhesive or bonding compound is right for any automotive application.


Heavy Duty Applications

(1.4 MB)

A guide to Henkel solutions for heavy-duty fleet repair and maintenance, including products for diesel engines, transmissions, differential/axle repair, suspensions and cabs.


Loctite® 5th Wheel & Trailer Jack Stand Greases

(o.32 MB)

Loctite 5th Wheel Grease lubricates 5th wheel top plates of trailers and Loctite Trailer Jack Stand Grease lubricates landing gear housing, retract tube and gearbox.


Loctite® Adhesives and Sealants Display

(0.22 MB)

The Loctite® aluminum product display can hold a dozen different, quality Loctite products. The display can be used on a counter top or hung from a peg board.


Loctite® Sticks Solid Performers

(1.40 MB)

Colorful header and product packaging sure to catch your customer’s attention.


Motorcycle Application Guide

(0.63 MB)

The Loctite® Motorcycle Application Guide offers a listing of products to improve the performance, safety and reliability of motorcycle bodies and engines.


OEM Connection Brochure

(0.63 MB)

A guide to Henkel Surface Technologies products that provide superior performance in the maintenance and repair of original equipment automotive replacement parts.


Silicone Power Cans

(0.27 MB)

Loctite® Silicone Power Cans offer easy application with precise fingertip control. Eight types available.


Stick Brochure

(4.7 MB)

Brochure describing the stick formulations for Loctite® Threadlockers, which can be used in a wide range of automotive aftermarket applications, from delicate fuel injection components to heavy-duty transmission and engine assemblies.


Transmission Applications

(0.47 MB)

Loctite® Transmissions Applications Guide.


Why Buy Loctite®?

(2.06 MB)

At Henkel, we invent more than just quality products, we provide solutions to industries’ biggest challenges.


Building, Construction and Furniture

DORUS® Foambonding Sell Sheet

Henkel has the right adhesive solution for your foam and fabric bonding applicaitons. Henkel's DORUS® brand adhesives provide reliable efficient, high quality bonds while improving air quality.

PURFECT GLAZE® V - Backbedding Sealant

PURFECT GLAZE® V backbedding sealant from Henkel delivers heightened efficiency and quality for manufacturers of residential windows and skylights. Designed specifically for vertical glazing processes, PURFECT GLAZE® V backbedding sealant enables manufacturers to gain better consistency and performance compared to labor-intensive manual tape-glazing processes.

PURFECT GLAZE® V - Rheological Study

PURFECT GLAZE® V backbedding sealant will deliver high levels of design pressure DP 50 and above. This performance is far superior to that of double-sided tape, ensuring more reliable, longer lasting performance in use.

PURFECT GLAZE® Window Sealant

The PURFECT GLAZE® system includes a special sealant, a robust application process and a customized equipment package that integrates seamlesly into current manufacturing processes.

Sustainability - Construction and Wood

Henkel offers a wide range of environmentally responsible adhesive solutions that can help your company meet government standards and advance its commitment of sustainability to employees and the community.



Magnet Bonding Guide

(0.63 MB)

Loctite® Structural Adhesives for magnet bonding combine the benefits of fast process speeds with tough, durable, environmentally resistant bond strengths, making them ideal for bonding ferrite, alnico and neodymium iron boron permanent magnets used in electric motors, small engines, speakers, transformers and other devices.

(LT-4914, 07/10)

Design Guide for Bonding Magnets

(0.20 MB)

Henkel’s Magnet Bonding Guide describes the variety of benefits of adhesive-bonded magnets. Read the results of Henkel’s blockshear and impact study, as well as technical product and ordering information.


Design Guide for Bonding Metals

(0.68 MB)

Let Loctite® help you select the proper adhesive for your metal application.


Design Guide For Bonding Plastics

(7.83 MB)

Plastics have become an integral part of everyday life. Let us help you select an adhesive best suited for your plastic application. Click here to download the complete Design Guide for Plastics.


Design Guide for Bonding Rubber & TPE

(0.63 MB)

Adhesives offer an array of benefits to the manufacturer who needs to join elastomeric substrates to other substrates in their manufacturing process.



Metalworking Fluids Selector Guide


At Henkel Corporation, we provide solutions to industry’s biggest challenges. We are dedicated to understanding the markets we serve and developing partnerships that stand the test of time. Our customers have long recognized us as the leader in surface treatment, sealant, adhesive and metalworking lubricant technologies.


Military Product Selector Guide

(1.49 MB)

Adhesives, Sealants & Surface Treatments for Military Ordnance, Equipment & Vehicles


Surface Treatment Selector Guide

(1.6 MB)
As the world’s leading supplier of chemical pretreatments for light metals, plastics and steel, Henkel sets high standards for corrosion protection, paint adhesion and environmental safety.


The Loctite® Equipment Sourcebook

(5.05 MB)
This resource guide features the latest innovative Loctite® brand equipment dispensing and curing solutions. From simple hand held devices to fully automated robotic systems, Henkel offers a complete line of standard off-the-shelf dispensing and light curing equipment which can easily be integrated to your manufacturing process. Descriptions of custom equipment and complete engineering service systems included.


 The Loctite® Equipment Sourcebook e-Catalog

Equipment Catalog Integrated Equipment Solutions™

(2.10 MB)

The next generation of silicone rubber release agents has arrived.


Loctite® Resin Polymerization Tester

(0.35 MB)

Loctite® Resin Polymerization Tester - Technologically advanced testing for the impregnation industry.


Volumetric Dispensing Solutions

(2.12 MB)

A guide to Loctite® Volumetric Bottle Dispensing, Syringe Dispensing and Two-Part Dispensing products, and information on how Meter Mix products can be customized for specific applications.


LT-5681 Robot Brochure

(0.6 MB)
Loctite® robots can be used to dispense all types of chemistries, whether they are Cyanoacrylates, Anaerobics, Epoxies, Silicones, or other chemistries. Our adhesive dispensing experience – combined with our robots – is unmatched in the industry.

LT-5725 LED Flood System Sell Sheet

(0.4 MB)
This is a unique LED flood system designed for Loctite® UV/visible cure adhesives. The expected life is over 20,000 hours with proper handling.

LT-5726 Robot Sell Sheet 2

(0.2 MB)
Economic times are tough but our robots rise to the challenge. Our robots are some of the most cost effective units available in the marketplace today.

Equipment Solutions

TapOut™ Press Release Nov 2010

Converting to TapOut holds significant benefits for packagers.  Switching to adhesive eliminates downtime caused by tape.  Packagers can say goodbye to production stoppages caused by tape roll changes, improper tape cutting, cases sticking together, wrap-arounds, misalignments, tape head maintenance, and tape tension issues.

TapOut™ Kleen Test - Case History

Henkel Solves Packaging Problem, Improves Productivity and Safety for Large Consumer Goods Contract Manufacturer

TapOut Package Sealing Solution

TAPOUT Package Sealing Solution The fully integrated, turn-key, and simple solution to convert from packaging tape to adhesive.


Anyone can claim that their hot melts reduce adhesive consumption. Only Henkel...combining the Supra™ line of hot melts with the ProControl™ monitoring system, can provide the PROOF you're looking for.

Chemical Management

Henkel Chemical Management Brochure


Many diverse programs and solutions are available through the chemical management group of Henkel. Customized programs are designed to deliver the best mix of technology and products to meet the unique needs of its partners.

(LT-4751, 11/10)

Henkel Chemical Management Master Presentation


A single supplier provides chemicals, services, inventory management, process controls, and IT systems, through on-site services, that immediately reduces “Total Cost”.


Henkel Chemical Management Sales Sheet

(.42 MB)

Henkel Chemical Management provides a full range of chemical processing products and services to consumer, industrial, manufacturing and distribution industries. For more than 20 years, this group has used its extensive history of chemical expertise to support and customize solutions for its global clientele.



Alodine® EC2™ ElectroCeramic Coating

A revolutionary new base coating for aluminum, titanium and related alloys - Alodine® EC2™ ElectroCeramic Coating delivers benefits throughout the entire coating process and over the life of your coated products.

Hysol® Surface Preparation Guide

(0.24 MB)

The Hysol® Aerospace Surface Preparation Guide contains instructions for degreasing metals and non-metals, surface abrasion and chemical treatment.


Loctite® Nordbak® Wear Resistant Coatings

(1.45 MB)

A catalog of Loctite® Nordbak® Wear Resistant Coatings, including a technical guide on how these products can repair, rebuild and protect a myriad of industrial equipment. The catalog also contains case histories, FAQs and other tips for effective application.

(LT-4498, 10/11)


Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly Solutions

(3.1 MB)

Catalog covers Henkel's broad range of PCB Assembly solutions.


Semiconductor Solutions

(2.6 MB)

Catalog covers Henkel's wide range of solutions for the Semiconductor Industry.


Bead-on-Bead Thermally Conductive Adhesives

(0.595 MB)

Surpassing the highest standards of design and manufacturing engineers, Loctite® Bead-on-Bead High Performance Thermally Conducive Adhesives offer both ease of use and outstanding performance.


Chipbonder® Surface Mount Adhesive

(0.57 MB)

Key features and characteristics of Loctite® Chipbonder® Surface Mount Adhesives, for applications that require ultra-fast capability.


Get It Right The First Time

(3.26 MB)

Innovative Modeling and Prototyping Services from Henkel Understand optimal materials sets for various substrates; develop better and more reliable packages; obtain critical test data – all before investing in large-scale package production!


Go Lead-Free Materials Guide

(0.79 MB)

Henkel offers a full line of lead-free products, under the Multicore®, Hysol® and Loctite® brands, for electronics packaging and assembly. These include solder pastes, surface mount adhesives, underfill materials, molding compounds and liquid encapsulants.


Innovative Modeling and Prototyping Services

(0.61 MB)

A new approach to package design and production reliability.


Loctite® 3536™ Adhesive Reworkable CSP Underfill

(0.58 MB)

Loctite® 3536™ Adhesive is a fast flow epoxy underfill for BGA and CSP devices. This brochure provides general information, key features and benefits.


Loctite® 3549™ Reworkable CSP Underfill

(0.72 MB)

Discover the key features, benefits and advantages of Loctite® 3549™, a fast-flow, reworkable CSP epoxy underfill for BGA and CSP devices.


Loctite® Thermal Management Materials

(0.56 MB)

A guide to Loctite® Phase Change Thermal Interface Materials, formulated for such applications as microprocessors, telecom and RF components, power semiconductors, IGBTs and converters.


Low Pressure Molding

(1.94 MB)

A complete solution for the gentle over-molding and encapsulation of delicate electronic components.


Medical Electronics Brochure

(1.2 MB)

Henkel’s advanced semiconductor packaging and assembly materials are delivering the solutions needed to address the demanding requirements of next-generation medical electronics.


Multicore® High-Performance Liquid Fluxes

(0.62 MB)

Key features and characteristics of Multicore® High-Performance Liquid Fluxes, available in a variety of formulations for various wave soldering processes.


Multicore® Lead-Free Solder Wire Solutions

(0.16 MB)

Learn how Henkel’s Multicore® Lead-Free Solder Wire can improve processes of production, reworking and repair.


Multicore® LF318™ Solder Paste

(2.19 MB)

The lead-free solder paste you can rely on in any production environment.


Multicore® LF328™ Low-Void Lead-Free Solder Paste

(0.62 MB)

Key features and characteristics of Henkel’s Multicore® LF328™, a Low Voiding Lead-Free Solder Paste suitable for a wide range of reflow profiles and surface finishes.


Multicore® WS300™ Pb-Free Water Wash Solder Paste

(0.33 MB)

Key features and characteristics of Henkel’s Multicore® WS300™, a Pb-Free Water Wash Solder Paste suitable for high-speed, fine-pitch printing applications.


Energy & Utilities

Battery Adhesive Sealant Sell Sheet

This Sell Sheet describes Bondmaster® adhesive and sealant solutions for automotive lithium-ion batteries.

Fuel Cell Coatings Selection Guide

Henkel’s Acheson™ high performance conductive coatings for metallic bipolar plates have been in use for over 5 years. Choose from a selection of coatings and GDL impregnates for PEM-Fuel Cell applications and realize superior corrosion protection, conductivity and component performance.

Loctite® 5802™ High Purity Thread Sealant

(0.26 MB)

Loctite 5802 is a high purity sealant formulated to meet the green limit requirements of the nuclear industry.


Solutions for the Photovoltaic Industry

(2.00 MB)
Henkel’s high quality tailor-made adhesives, sealants and cleaners improve quality, enable highly automated production processes, increase production speed, and thus decrease your manufacturing cost.

Specialty Electrical Coatings

Henkel offers a complete range of high quality conductive coatings and dispersions for today’s continually advancing energy storage device and electronics industry.

Engineering Solutions for the Wind Industry

(2.5 MB)

Developing efficient solutions for the wind industry requires a 360-degree approach. Henkel’s high-quality, tailor-made adhesives, sealants and surface treatments improve quality, enable highly automated production processes, increase production speed, and thus decrease your manufacturing cost.

(LT-6088, 09/10)

Envelopes and Direct Mail

Best Practices for Extrusion Seam Gumming

(1.42 MB)

Extrusion seam gumming is one of the most sensitive of all gumming applications. Without proper setup and maintenance, it is easy to produce defective envelopes.

(LT-5657 - 03/03/11)

Best Practices for Front Seam Gumming

(1.43 MB)

Proper application of the front seal is one of the most critical factors in producing envelopes of good quality. Provided here are some suggestions and the current industry best practices for each.

(LT-5662 - 03/03/11)

Best Practices for Pressure Sensitive Seal Gumming

(0.99 MB)

Pressure sensitive gum is among the most difficult to work with of all envelope gums. It requires special handling during application and packaging of finished envelopes.

(LT-5664 - 03/03/11)

Best Practices for Rotary Side Seam Gumming

(1.89 MB)

Of all gumming issues, those involving the side seam are among the most common. The water-based gums currently in use for rotary side seams in the envelope industry will lose their effectiveness if not handled properly.

(LT-5665 - 03/04/11)

Best Practices for Self-Seal Latex Gumming

(1.47 MB)

Self-seal latex is among the most sensitive of all envelope gums. It requires special handling during storage, application and packaging of finished envelopes.

(LT-5663 - 03/04/11)

Best Practices for Window Patch Gumming

(1.84 MB)

The water-based gums currently in use for window gumming in the envelope industry will lose their effectiveness if not handled properly. Excessive exposure to air or high shear will cause the window gum to lose moisture as a result of evaporation.

(LT-5666 - 03/04/11)


Adhesives and Sealants for Filter Manufacturing

(2.68 MB)

Henkel’s adhesives and sealants for filter manufacturing perform in a variety of applications.


Adhesives for the Filter Industry

(913 KB)
Air filters containing high ASHRAE® efficiency or HEPA grade media come in all shapes and sizes. Henkel has a full range of adhesive products to meet these challenges.

HEPA Filters Sell Sheet

(359 KB)
Air filters containing high ASHRAE efficiency or HEPA grade media come in all shapes and sizes. Henkel provides a full range of adhesive products to meet these challenges.

HVAC Filters Sell Sheet

(413 KB)
Homeowners want filters that clean the air without costing a fortune. Commercial buyers are looking for filters that deliver performance, durability and reliability. Henkel can help.

Industrial Filters Sell Sheet

(1.02 MB)
If your application requires adhesives to meet the ultimate end-use filter requirements and bond special media or low surface energy substrates, to resist extreme temperature conditions, or to remain flexible for radial designs, we can supply it.

Liquid Filters Sell Sheet

(366 KB)
Liquid filters are used in everything from automobiles to refineries to aircraft, and must remove particulate to keep the equipment running effectively while withstanding exposure to the most intense operating conditions. If your application requires an adhesive to withstand constant exposure to aggressive solvents, like glycols, fuels or oils, we can supply it.

Osmosis Filters Sell Sheet

(297 KB)
Today, governments, businesses and households use membrane filtration elements to separate contaminants from water and other liquids. As the use of these membrane elements continues to expand into new end-use applications, the performance requirements can change and the elements can be exposed to harsher operating conditions. Henkel has the technical expertise to formulate custom adhesives to meet your changing needs.

Food & Beverage

FDA 21 C.F.R. § 175.300

(0.11 MB)

PDF of the FDA regulation. Loctite® 2046™ Threadlocker may be used as a strengthening or coupling agent for joints on food processing equipment that may contact all types of food in full compliance with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and all applicable food additive regulations, including FDA 21 C.F.R. § 175.300.

Loctite® 2046™ Threadlocker Sell Sheet

(0.47 MB)

Introducing the only threadlocker compliant with FDA Food Additive Regulations developed for the Food and Beverage Industries.


Loctite® 2046™ Threadlocker Ad

(4.2 MB)

A foolproof recipe for food processing reliability.


Loctite® Products at Work - Food & Beverage Plants

(1.5 MB)

Our cutting-edge products for the Food and Beverage Industry offer a comprehensive breadth of the most relevant agency approvals and certifications.


Frekote® Supplier Information

Frekote® 2010 Distributor Shipping Guide

(0.43 MB)

This Shipping Guide is being supplied to assist in properly preparing and offering Frekote® products for transport.

Emergency Response Guidebook

(2.4 MB)

This shipping document provides vital information when responding to a hazardous materials/dangerous goods incident.


Loctite® Anaerobic Flange Sealants

(0.37 MB)

Product brochure for Loctite 5188™ Ultra Tough Flange Sealant and Loctite 5203™ Easy-to-Service Flange Sealants.


Problem with Traditional Gaskets

Document covers the shortcomings of traditional gasketing methods including tapes, o-rings, sealing compounds, and cut paper gaskets.

Sealing and Flanges

With controlled tolerances, there is no shimming effect and no need for re-torquing. Product fills all voids, reducing the need for a fine surface finish of flanges, and resists high pressure when fully cured.  Parts can be disassembled easily, even after extended service.

Industrial Maintenance

Coatings and Topcoats

(4.15 MB)
Loctite® Fixmaster® and Loctite Big Foot® floor coating systems provide the solutions needed to keep facilities looking good and performing great.

Loctite® Nordbak Sprayable Ceramic

(1.9 MB)

Nordbak Sprayable Ceramic is a two-component sprayable epoxy product that creates a smooth, low-friction coating combating turbulence and cavitation on components such as pump housings and impellers, improving equipment efficiency.

(LT-5791, 06/10)

Big Foot Brochure

Brochure for Loctite® Big Foot® Anti-Slip Floor Coating Solutions.

Loctite® Bonding Solutions for Maintenance

(0.8 MB)

"Gear Up for Any Terrain." Loctite, the leading brand in adhesives, has created a new complete line of repair adhesives for the MRO user.


Industrial Pumps Rebuild and Maintenance Guide

(2.53 MB)
Loctite® brand products have been helping OEMs around the world prevent common failures and extend end-product life. These same technologies are used by the people who maintain equipment. Various Loctite® brand products can be used in all stages of pump maintenance.

Loctite® Air Leak Prevention Program

(0.59 MB)
Henkel designed a program to detect gas leaks at your plant using an ultrasonic leak detector, document the gas leak losses and associated costs and identify the proper leak prevention procedure.

Loctite® Anti-Seize Lubricants

(0.82 MB)

Loctite® Anti-seize compounds developed to protect metal parts from rust, corrosion, galling and seizing.


Loctite® Big Foot™ Anti-Slip Coatings

(2.08 MB)
Loctite® Big Foot™ Anti-Slip Coatings are strong and aggressive products that help prevent slips and falls.

Loctite® Concrete Solutions Brochure


Includes a Concrete Repair catalog and a Flooring Sealants Systems catalog.  Both describe the features and benefits of the concrete repair and flooring products and include technical reference charts and application case histories.


Loctite® "Do it Right" User's Guide

(.71 MB)

The "When, Where & How" to use Loctite Maintenance Products

(LT-1475, 10/10)

(0.48 MB)
Guide Faites-le bien. Guide de référence rapide sur l´application appropriée des produits de maintenance Loctite®.
(LT-1475-FR, 09/10)

Loctite® Concrete Solutions Sell Sheet

(0.47 MB)

Covers rapid setting concrete reapir, high compression strength concrete repair, small concrete repair, crack fillers, expansion and control joints, and extreme chemical resistance Loctite® products.


Loctite Extend Rust Treatment Sell Sheet

(0.45 MB)
Extend® kills old rust and prevents new rust quickly and easily. It is a fast drying, latex coating that is applied to rusted metal to stop rust, protect the surface and act as a primer for the finish coat.

Loctite® Epoxy Application Guide

(1.34 MB)

A manual designed to assist maintenance personnel through many common everyday repairs using Loctite® epoxies. Repair procedures listed for Pipe and Ducting, Keyways, Heat Exchanger & Condensers, Splines, Pumps and more.


Loctite® Fixmaster® Belt Repair Urethanes

(0.13 MB)

Loctite® Fixmaster® Belt Repair Urethanes prevent premature wear of belt splices and repair conveyer belts and other damaged rubber equipment.


Loctite® Fixmaster® Flooring and Grout

(0.16 MB)

Loctite® Fixmaster® concrete repair and grout instructions.


Loctite® Fixmaster® Marine Chocking

A two-part epoxy system recommended for the installation of main engines and other equipment.

Loctite® Flextec™ Technology

(3.2 MB)

Henkel introduces Loctite® Elastomeric Adhesives and Sealants with Flextec™ Technology. This technology indicates Henkel's use of proprietary polymers to formulate outstanding handling and performance into adhesives and sealants.


Loctite® Freeze and Release

(3.98 MB)

Loctite® Freeze & Release instantly freezes seized and rusted parts (bolts, nuts, studs) down to -45ºF (-43°C). The exceptional shock-freeze effect causes microscopic cracks in the layer of rust, allowing the lubricating ingredient to wick directly into the rust by capillary action. The assembly can be easily dismantled after allowing 1–2 minutes penetration time.


Loctite® Head Bolt & Water Jacket Sealant

(.396 MB)
Loctite® Head Bolt & Water Jacket Sealant locks bolts to prevent premature loosening and eliminates corrosion. Loctite® Thread Sealants eliminate costly leaks, improve reliability, and increase efficiency.

Loctite® High Temp Threadlockers & Thread Sealants

(0.5 MB)

A list of new Loctite® high temperature threadlockers and thread sealants.


Loctite® Hydraulic & Pneumatic Thread Sealant

(.313 MB)
Loctite® 5452™ Fast Cure Thread Sealant is designed for sealing high pressure gaseous and fluid power systems. It seals and secures used or new metal pipes and fittings by filling the air space between the threads, locks fittings from vibrational loosening, and cures on average 4 times faster than traditional anaerobic sealants.

Loctite® Industrial Gearbox Service Manual

(4.17 MB)
Loctite® products are used in gearbox manufacturing worldwide to enhance quality and extend end-product life. The same high quality Loctite® technologies and products are also available to the people who maintain, repair and service gearboxes.

Loctite® Industry Specific Training

(1.3 MB)

Industry Specific Training to Reduce Elevator Maintenance Costs and Increase Equipment Reliability


Loctite® Insulating & Sealing Wrap Sell Sheet

(0.98 MB)
Loctite® Insulating & Sealing Wrap is a non-sticky, self fusing, multipurpose wrap. It can withstand extreme conditions and is uv, saltwater, fuel and acid resistant.

Loctite® Fixmaster® Magna-Crete Prep & Install

(0.56 MB)

Loctite® Fixmaster® Magna-Crete is the fast, all-weather concrete repair and grouting system that dramatically out-performs conventional concrete repairs.


Loctite® Grouting Solutions

(0.34 MB)

This sell sheet covers a look at both Loctite® Fixmaster® Grouts and Loctite® Fixmaster® Anchor Bolt Grouts.

(LT-4731, 10/17/11)

Loctite® Maintenance Solutions - Volume 13

(2.5 MB)

Guide provides solutions to industries' biggest challenges, by reducing costs, providing assistance, and increasing reliability.

(LT-3722, 06/11)

Loctite® Fluid Compatibility Chart

(0.06 MB)
Fluid Compatibility chart for metal threaded fittings sealed with Loctite Anaerobic Sealants

Loctite® Products at Work in Mines and Quarries

(7.48 MB)

Recommended Applications for Loctite® Products in Mines and Quarries. (932 KB)


Loctite® Mining Solutions

(3.22 MB)
With this comprehensive guide targeting some of the challenges within the mining industry, you will begin to see the advantages that Loctite® products bring to the table. Our goal is to bring value into your organization in an unsurpassed display of efficiency and productivity improvements that are both recognized and measurable.

Loctite® Nordbak® Crusher Repair Products

(5.74 MB)

A four page brochure detailing our line of crusher repair backing materials.


Loctite® Nordbak® Wear Resistant Coatings

(0.74 MB)
Loctite® Nordbak® Wear Resistant Coatings Rebuild, Repair and Protect Industrial Equipment Brochure

Loctite® Pinpoint Accuracy and Control

(402 KB)

Pinpoint Accuracy and Control for standard or large thread applications.


Loctite® Pipe Repair Kit

(.22 MB)

The Loctite Pipe Repair Kit sheet includes step by step instructions, information on the kit itself and others similar kits.

(LT-3736, 11/10)

Loctite® Primers

(4.26 MB)

Surface Preparation Products to Ensure Maximum Performance of Anaerobic Machinery Adhesives.


Loctite® QuickStix™ Holster

(0.4 MB)

Information about the Loctite QuickStix Holster.


Loctite® QuickStix™ Mix & Match Holster

(0.46 MB)

Information about the Loctite QuickStix Mix & Match Holster.


Loctite® QuickStix™ 5671™ PST® Pipe Sealant

(.498 MB)
Offers immediate low pressure sealing in a convenient, portable stick, and will not contaminate or clog lines. This is the most reliable, cost-effective method to seal tapered pipe thread fittings on stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized metal, and other inert metals.

LOCTITE® Sticks™ Products Brochure

(701 KB)

Describes the features and benefits of the full line semi-solid Loctite® product formulas.


Loctite® Products at Work in Power Plants

(4.56 MB)

Henkel offers a wide variety of high quality Loctite® branded products for maintaining equipment throughout a coal-fired power plant. From the repair and upkeep of the physical plant, to the pumps, concrete, and transport systems,we offer the preventative maintenance products to increase overall reliability.


Loctite® QuickTite® Instant Adhesive Gel

(0.57 MB)
Loctite® QuickTite® Instant Adhesive Gel is a general-purpose instant adhesive featuring an innovative, precision flow control applicator.

Loctite® Spec in Reliability

(.83 MB)

By filling the thread roots and preventing side-to-side movement, Loctite® threadlockers have dramatically increased the reliability of threaded assemblies for over 50 years.


Shaft Repair Service Manual

(3.7 MB)

This guide has been designed to provide quick and easy assistance to the professionals responsible for the maintenance and repair of shaft assemblies.

(LT-5338, 06/13)

Loctite® Silicone Power Cans

Loctite® brand Silicones now come in a new dispensing system, specifically designed for easy application with fingertip control.

Threadlocker Tape Sell Sheet

Introducing Henkel’s newest innovation – Loctite® QuickTape™ 249™. It’s neat, clean and couldn’t be easier to apply.

(LT- 5709)

Loctite® Tile Bond RTV Sell Sheet

(0.47 MB)

Loctite Tile Bond High Temp Red RTV is a high temperature silicone for installing ceramic tiles quickly and securely inside a coal pulverizer and related high temperature process applications.


Loctite® ViperLube® Synthetic Lubricants

(1.23 MB)

Loctite® ViperLube® synthetic lubricant line including grease, lightweight oils and gear oils all NSF-1 approved.


Loctite® Wastewater Treatment Guide

(.70 MB)

This guide includes information for wastewater treatment from influent structures and bar screens to grit chambers and clarifiers.

(LT-6002, 07/13)

Prevent Manufacturing Downtime

These top causes of downtime can be prevented using Loctite® products in any manufacturing environment.

Problem with Traditional Retaining

Document covers the shortcomings of traditional retaining methods including press fit, setscrews, splines, and pins.

Securing Cylindrical Assemblies

Products bond non-threaded cylindrical metal assemblies and reduce the need for close tolerances. High and moderate strength products can carry high loads and eliminate fretting; 100% contact means that load and stress are distributed evenly over the joint. Products fill all voids to prevent corrosion.

Repairs Made Stronger

(6.29 MB)

Article in Pumps & Systems Magazine written by Thomas Buckley discusses how the proactive use of polymer composite materials on pumps saves thousands of dollars and weeks of downtime.



LED Compatible Solutions From Henkel

(401 KB)
Henkel is the first adhesive and
sealant manufacturer to provide a comprehensive offering of LED compatible products
(LT-6662 - 6/13)

LED Design Guide

(5.1 MB)
Henkel Corporation, a global leader in adhesive, sealing and bonding technologies, offers a wide range of product solutions engineered for the design and manufacture of LED lighting devices.
(LT-6565 - 7/12)

Compatibility News Release

(430 KB)
Henkel Adhesives Satisfy Stringent Criteria for Use with Cree® LEDs

Adhesives Sourcebook 2013

(7.18 MB)
This comprehensive guide is designed to simplify the adhesive selection process. Each application area is formatted to provide useful decision trees, properties charts, and related dispensing equipment to provide you with a total solution for evaluation.
(LT-3355 - 8/13)

Loctite® Supplier Information

Loctite® 2010 Distributor Shipping Guide

(1.02 MB)

The Distributor Shipping Guide provides assistance in properly identifying, preparing, and offering Henkel products for transport.

Emergency Response Guidebook

(2.4 MB)

This shipping document provides vital information when responding to a hazardous materials/dangerous goods incident.

Loctite® Barcode Specifications

(0.6 MB)

One of the significant missions of Henkel is to implement comprehensive bar coding and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) programs with our suppliers.

Shelf Life for Loctite® Products

(5.50 MB)

General information about the shelf life of Loctite® products.


Aerosol Additives Sell Sheet

Our line of finely dispersed solid lubricant additives and coatings, such as Dag®, Molydag®, Emralon® and SLA™ products, provides superior performance for diverse markets and demanding requirements.

Chemical Specialties

(2.19 MB)

Henkel provides chemical specialty solutions for common and unique challenges faced by many industries, including automotive, industrial, aerospace, container and steel. These include Paint Booth Products, Purge Solvents and Line Cleaners, Plastic Pretreatment and Maintenance and Production Aids.


Dry Film Lubrication Product Selector

Henkel’s Acheson™ resin dry film coatings of EMRALON® PTFE, Mol ydag® micro-fine molybdenum disulfide, and Dag® specially processed graphites provide clean, dry, lifetime lubrication in countless applications.

Forging Lubricant Sell Sheet

A water-based lubricant selector guide. The Deltaforge® line of forging lubricants is designed for the lubrication and protection of dies and
billets during hot, warm, and precision forming processes. We especially recommend Deltaforge® F-31 for its unmatched quality in the forging of
simple and complex parts.

Metalworking Capabilities

(1.43 MB)

Henkel offers metalworking solutions for light-metal, steel and cast-iron applications to a variety of industries including aerospace, transportation and industrial.


Metalworking Fluids Selector Guide

(1.99 MB)

Henkel offers a full line of metalworking fluids designed to extend tool life, reduce wastes, improve quality and increase throughput.

(LT-6266 - 03/17/11)

Metal Packaging (6.1 MB)                                     Loctite® packaging products for aluminum and tin-plate steel cans, including sealants, lubricants and cleaners, as well as process control equipment.   (LT-4371)
Metal Pretreatment Technologies

(0.79 MB)

Henkel offers surface pretreatment solutions for a wide variety of industries such as automotive assembly and general industrial.


Metal Forming Product Selector Guide

(0.96 MB)

A guide to Henkel’s outstanding variety of metal forming products.


Multan® B- Series Product Overview

(0.37 MB)

B- Series selector guide.


Multan® B-Series Sell Sheet

(0.4 MB)

Multan® B-series products are bio-resistant, semi-synthetic metal cutting fluids with extreme pressure and lubricity additives used for light to heavy applications.


Multan Sell Sheet
(0.17 MB)
This semi-synthetic technology provides excellent lubrication and cooling power. Multan eliminates routine additives and ensures a low maintenance operation.
Product Overview - Metal Removal

(0.91 MB)

Henkel offers metal removal solutions for a variety of industries including aerospace, transportation and industrial.


Solid Lubricant Additives Dispersions

Henkel’s Acheson™ solid lubricant additives offer superior lubrication qualities, while providing a definite competitive edge. Uniquely dispersed, slippery microscopic graphite, molybdenum disulfide, boron nitride or PTFE particles enhance the effectiveness of liquid lubricants.

P3® Rodine® Acid Inhibitors Brochure

P3® Rodine® is the worldwide standard for acid inhibitors – a reputation earned by on-the-job performance and proven results. P3® Rodine® acid inhibitors are formulated to insure cost-saving dependability, without slowing production.

P3® Rodine® 2010 Sell Sheet

P3® Rodine® 2010 is a low toxicity, liquid inhibitor formulated for use in chelant cleaning solutions.

P3® Rodine® 213-SF Sell Sheet

P3® Rodine® 213-SF offers the most effective inhibition of any product in its class in a nonflammable, non-corrosive, environmentally sustainable formulation.

P3® Rodine® 3305 Sell Sheet

Newly designed, “Patent Pending” acid inhibitor for batch and continuous pickling of steel with hydrochloric acid.

Weather-Strip Seal Coatings Sell Sheet

(0.34 MB)

Acheson’s EMRALON® dry film lubricant weather-strip coatings are recognized by industry throughout the world for their processing and end-use performance.

(Sell Sheet - 01/2009)


LOCTITE® Products for Oxygen Systems

(203 KB)

Designed specifically for sealing in liquid and gaseous oxygen systems. This latest innovation of LOCTITE® brand products is for use up to 30 bar (435 psi) at 140oF (60oC). Seals instantly on most metal fittings (avoid aluminum) and is BAM tested*.


Loctite® AssureCure System Brochure

(1.5 MB)

AssureCure light cure adhesives can be provided in a range of viscosities, physical properties and package configurations.


Loctite® Solutions That Cure™

(3.1 MB)

Henkel has the right adhesive for your application – whether your medical device assembly requires an adhesive that is biocompatible and sterilizable, or one that meets a host of other performance characteristics.

(LT-2399, 4/14)

Flashcure® Adhesives

(1.02 MB)

Loctite® products for Tack-Free Curing in a FLASH. Flashcure® technology provides all the benefits of light cure acrylic and cyanoacrylate technologies with none of the limitations.


Flexible Instant Adhesives

(0.20 MB)

Flexible Instant Adhesives from Loctite® stretch the limits of cyanoacrylate adhesive technology, even under the most stressful conditions. Brochure includes listings for products suitable for difficult bonding applications and faster fixture speeds.


Indigo™ Visible Light Cure Technology

(373 KB)

A brochure describing the Loctite® Indigo® line of Visible Light Cure Equipment, which includes flood systems and LED light systems.


Light Cure Acrylic Adhesive System for Tubing

(0.11 MB)

Learn about a system that rapidly and consistently applies a uniform coating of light cure adhesive to the outer diameter of tubing.


Light Cure Technology


Shortly after the commercialization of UV (ultraviolet) light sources over three decades ago, Loctite pioneered the development of light curing adhesives, sealants and coatings for industrial applications. These are materials which cure or harden (polymerize) when exposed to light of appropriate wavelength and intensity.


Loctite® 3979™ Light Curing Gel Sell Sheet

Loctite 3979 fluoresces red for easy on-part detection either prior to or following cure.

Loctite® Needle Bonding Design Guide

(1.65 MB)

This guide is designed to provide a step-by-step process for quickly and effectively selecting adhesives that are well suited for a specific needle design.


Medical Device Adhesives Selector Guide

(939 KB)

Medical product selector guide of adhesives for medical device assembly.