Industrial News

New branding architecture for the Henkel adhesive technologies business serving industrial markets 

Henkel will introduce a new branding approach for its industrial adhesive technologies business. The company’s brand portfolio has grown strongly over the past decades and has enabled Henkel to become the global market leader in adhesives, sealants and surface treatments. To improve the navigation through the brand portfolio, Henkel will now re-group its industrial business for adhesive technologies under five technology cluster brands, each of which will represent a cluster of specific technologies and applications.

Golden Boys: Henkel Athletes Win Big at X Games Aspen 2013 

At X Games Aspen 2013, Henkel-sponsored athletes Levi LaVallee and “Monster” Mike Schultz struck gold in dramatic fashion. Not once. Not twice. But three times. For both extreme athletes, Loctite® adhesives and sealants played critical roles in keeping their snowmobiles in top performance shape and their bodies safe and strong through the physical demands of competition.

Henkel Sponsors Extreme Athletes in 2013 

On January 24 through 27 at X Games Aspen 2013, Henkel Corporation will sponsor four extreme athletes and help them compete in the games by using Loctite® brand adhesives and sealants to keep their equipment in top performance shape. Athletes on the Team Loctite® roster include pro snocross racer and freestyle rider Levi LaVallee, pro snocross racer Kyle Pallin, pro adaptive snowmobiler Mike Schultz and pro snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg.

Nordson and Henkel Establish Global Alliance On Innovative Consumer Packaging Solutions 

Henkel (Dax: HEN.DE), the leader in adhesives used for package bonding and sealing, and Nordson Corporation (Nasdaq: NDSN), a leading producer of precision dispensing equipment for adhesives and other materials, today announced that they have established a global alliance on new technology development for the packaging market worldwide to provide significant benefits and deliver greater value to their customers.

New High Temperature Instant Adhesives Rival Performance of Epoxies and Acrylics 

The newest surface insensitive Loctite® Instant Adhesives from Henkel Corporation maintain their bond strength in operating temperatures as high as 250ºF, yet fixture in just 15 seconds or less. Loctite® 401™, Loctite® 406™, Loctite® 495™ and Loctite® 454™ surface insensitive instant adhesives rival the temperature resistance of epoxies and acrylics and are designed to meet the needs of high speed assembly processes. 

Henkel Products for LED Lighting Device Design and Assembly 

Henkel offers a comprehensive line of Loctite® adhesives, sealants, potting materials and threadlockers that improve the reliability and help lower the manufacturing costs of LED lighting devices. Henkel LED products are engineered for use in lighting devices found in roadway/parking lot, industrial/commercial, consumer/residential and architectural applications.

Ultra-Fast Instant Adhesive Fills Gaps Up to 5 mm 

Combining the speed and strength of a traditional instant adhesive with the ability to fill gaps as deep as 5mm, Loctite® 3092™ Instant Adhesive from Henkel Corporation permanently bonds a wide variety of materials in seconds regardless of ambient temperature and moisture conditions. This clear formulation delivers excellent aesthetics, virtually eliminating blooming and frosting on bonded parts.

Loctite® Anti-Spatter Coating Protects Welding Equipment 

Henkel Corporation has introduced Loctite® SF7900™ Ceramic Shield for Welding, a silicone-free sprayable protective coating that prevents spatter adhesion on MIG/MAG welding equipment for up to 8 hours with just one application. The new ceramic coating increases welding productivity by shielding contact tips, welding nozzles, shrouds and jigs from spatter, thereby eliminating the downtime normally required for equipment cleaning.

Loctite® Adhesive Bonds Low Surface Energy Plastics Without Surface Prep or Primers 

For low surface energy polyolefin plastics that are extremely difficult to bond, Henkel Corporation has introduced Loctite® 3035™ Polyolefin Bonder, an innovative two-part acrylic adhesive that mixes easily, stores at room temperature, and fixtures to plastics and metals in less than 15 minutes without surface preparation or primers. This adhesive achieves superior bond strength on PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE, ABS and nylon, and offers good environmental resistance in a range of end-use applications. 

Henkel acquired Pressure Sensitive Adhesives product range from Cytec Industries 

Effective August 1, 2012, Henkel acquired the high-performance pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) product range from the US-based specialty chemicals company Cytec Industries Inc. Both companies signed the definitive agreement on May 11 2012. Pressure sensitive adhesives are specialized adhesives used in the packaging, automotive, electronic and durable goods industries for foils and films, tapes or labels offering high performance adhesive characteristics.

Henkel Presents Adhesives for the Filter Industry 

Adhesives for the Filter Industry, a new brochure from Henkel Corporation, reviews the company’s comprehensive line of products for filter assembly. The 26-page brochure provides technical information on more than 100 products for use on liquid, industrial, high- efficiency, HVAC and water filters.

Tough, Durable Loctite® Structural Adhesives Bond Any Size LCM  

For bonding liquid crystal modules (LCMs) to housings and brackets on handheld devices such as smart phones and tablets with displays of any size, Henkel Corporation offers a full line of Loctite® Structural Adhesives that allow thinner profile device designs with extremely narrow edge borders. Replacing mechanical fasteners and double-sided tapes, Loctite® Structural Adhesives offer high bond strength on metals, plastics, glass, inks and composites, and provide excellent impact resistance and processing flexibility.

Henkel Adhesives, Sealants and Surface Treatments Allow Faster Wind Turbine Production 

To speed the production of wind turbines and increase their long-term reliability, Henkel Corporation offers a full line of adhesives, sealants and surface treatments that facilitate automated manufacturing of large composite components such as blades and nacelles. Also used to bond, seal and protect a variety of exterior and interior parts, Henkel products reduce costs and improve quality during the manufacturing process and facilitate turbine installation.

Complete Line of Loctite® Repair Products for Wind Turbine Installation and Maintenance 

For O&M applications on wind turbines, Henkel Corporation has introduced a full line of Loctite® adhesives, sealants, lubricants and coatings for installation and maintenance of blades, nacelles, towers and bases. 

Loctite® Liquid Optically Clear Adhesives Advance Touch Panel and Display Assembly 

As touch panel interfaces become the norm on mobile devices, laptops and tablets, Loctite® Liquid Optically Clear Adhesives (LOCA) from Henkel Corporation are improving the viewing experience, increasing display durability, extending product life, reducing power consumption and enabling thinner device designs. New dual cure technologies allow full cure in shadowed areas, and offer vastly reduced shrinkage to control display distortion and eliminate mura.

Upgrades Enhance Loctite® Instant Adhesives 

Recent technical upgrades from Henkel Corporation have enhanced the performance of surface insensitive and low odor/low bloom Loctite® Instant Adhesive products. Loctite® 401™, Loctite® 406™ and Loctite® 454™ surface insensitive instant adhesives now offer reliable long-term performance at elevated operating temperatures to 250ºF. Loctite® 403™, Loctite® 408™, Loctite® 455™ and Loctite® 460™ instant adhesives are the first low odor/low bloom products to maintain bond strength in high-humidity environments while delivering temperature resistance to 200ºF.

Why Adhesives?: Loctite® Adhesive Sourcebook Explains Benefits and Technologies 

The Loctite® Adhesive Sourcebook, Volume 12, from Henkel Corporation is a comprehensive 202-page print and online guide to the complete line of Loctite® adhesives, sealants, lubricants, coatings and dispensing/curing equipment for industrial manufacturing and maintenance. Opening with an explanation of why design engineers and maintenance professionals should consider using adhesives to replace or enhance the performance of mechanical fasteners, the updated and redesigned sourcebook features technical information on more than 1,200 Loctite® products and includes decision trees to better guide the adhesive selection process.   

Henkel to acquire Pressure Sensitive Adhesives product range from Cytec Industries 

Henkel has signed an agreement with the US-based specialty chemicals company Cytec Industries Inc. to acquire its high-performance pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) product range. Pressure sensitive adhesives are specialized adhesives used in the packaging, automotive, electronic and durable goods industries for foils and films, tapes or labels offering high performance adhesive characteristics.

New Literature from Henkel Focuses on Solutions for the Photovoltaic Industry 

New literature from Henkel Corporation details the company’s line of products for the photovoltaic industry. Henkel Solutions for the Photovoltaic Industry is a 20-page comprehensive guide that reviews the company’s broad offering of adhesives, sealants and cleaners that improve reliability, reduce costs, enable highly automated production processes, and increase production speeds for solar assemblies. 

Henkel-Sponsored Motor Sports Program Encourages Wounded Warriors 

Since 2010, Henkel Corporation and Loctite® have served as title sponsors of Racing For Our Heroes, a program created by World Challenge GT racing driver and former Marine Jason Carter to encourage the recovery and rehabilitation of severely wounded veterans of the Iraq and Afghan wars. During the 2012 race season, Racing For Our Heroes will host approximately 200 more wounded warriors at events scheduled throughout the United States.

Electrically Conductive Adhesive from Henkel Compatible with Multiple Metals; Delivers Manufacturing Flexibility for Optical Technology Leader, LensVector  

Leveraging research regarding contact resistance performance, Henkel Electronic Materials has developed an electrically conductive adhesive (ECA) that overcomes the drawbacks of older generation ECAs and extends the material’s advantages to multiple applications.  The adhesive system, HYSOL ECCOBOND CE 3103WLV, provides exceptional contact resistance stability on surfaces such as OSP copper and Sn alloys– metals which have previously been challenging for ECAs.

High Tg, Reworkable Underfill from Henkel Ideal for High Value, Fine-Pitch Area Array Devices  

Expanding on its portfolio of advanced underfill materials, Henkel has developed LOCTITE UF3810, a new underfill technology that provides extremely high reliability while also allowing for easier reworkability as compared to previous generation products.

Easy-to-Use Literature from Henkel Focuses on Surface Treatment Products 

A simply-organized, easy-to-use brochure from Henkel Corporation details the company’s complete line of products and services for industrial surface treatment. The Henkel Surface Treatment Selector Guide is a 44-page brochure that provides detailed information on the company’s products for corrosion protection, paint adhesion and environmental safety. 

Henkel extends Board Member contracts 
  • Contract of CEO Kasper Rorsted extended by five years
  • Contract of Hans Van Bylen as Executive Vice President Cosmetics/Toiletries also extended by five years
New Literature from Henkel Focuses on Solutions for the Appliance Industry 

New literature from Henkel Corporation details the company’s complete line of products and services for the appliance industry. Henkel Solutions for the Appliance Industry is a 16-page comprehensive guide that reviews surface treatments, adhesives, sealants, lubricants, sound damping materials and other products for appliance design, assembly, manufacturing and maintenance. The literature also highlights Henkel’s training workshops, teardown analysis, manufacturing reliability surveys and chemical systems management program.

Loctite® Threadlockers Achieve No. 1 Safety Rating 

Henkel Corporation has introduced two groundbreaking threadlocker products that have achieved an MSDS health rating of 1. Loctite® 2400NA™ and Loctite® 2700NA™ threadlockers have been formulated to enhance occupational health and safety by eliminating allergic skin, CMR, and Prop 65 hazards.  Designed for locking and sealing threaded fasteners, these products provide uncompromised chemical and thermal performance.

Henkel Develops Electrically Conductive Adhesive Compatible with Lower-Cost Components 

In a significant formulation breakthrough, Henkel Electronic Materials announces that it has developed a new electrically conductive adhesive (ECA) compatible with lower-cost, tin-terminated components to enable more cost-effective assembly processes.  The new material, ABLESTIK ICP-3535M1 is a one-component, pre-mixed ECA that provides low and stable contact resistance when used with 100% tin-terminated components.

Henkel-Sponsored Freestyle Snowmobiler Levi LaVallee Shatters World Record for Distance Jumping 

Henkel-sponsored freestyle snowmobiler Levi LaVallee shattered his standing world record for distance jumping on a snowmobile by soaring 412 feet, 6 inches over San Diego harbor on New Year’s Eve. LaValle, who relies upon Loctite® brand adhesives and sealants to keep his sled in top form, blasted toward the takeoff ramp at 100 mph, launched through the air across the gap between the North and South parks of Embarcadero Marina Park, and touched down forcefully but safely on the exit ramp.

Easy-to-Apply Sprayable Ceramic Coating Features Simple, Reusable Cartridge Dispenser 

Henkel has introduced a two-part, sprayable ceramic coating designed to protect metal surfaces on industrial equipment from wear, abrasion and corrosion. Packaged in a convenient, reusable dual-cartridge dispenser, Loctite® Nordbak® 7255™ Sprayable Ceramic Coating is sprayed onto metal components to create smooth, low-friction surfaces that improve equipment efficiency. 

World Records Broken at Loctite®-Sponsored Cook’s Bonneville Shootout 

The fastest vehicles in the world gathered on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah last month, racing against time to beat existing world land speed records.  But 2011 was a year of heartbreak -- most teams returned home with broken vehicles rather than broken records.  Four teams drove away victorious, surpassing standing records by traveling at speeds of 216 to more than 366 mph. 

Henkel Updates Loctite® Structural Adhesive Selector Guide 

To communicate structural adhesives’ ability to eliminate or greatly reduce fasteners and welds from an assembly while improving strength and durability, Henkel Corporation has introduced its updated Loctite® Structural Adhesives Selector Guide

Henkel Keeps Fans Connected as World’s Fastest Vehicles Race to Break Land Speed Records  

On September 19 through 23, the fastest cars and motorcycles in the world will be racing against time on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, hoping to break existing world land speed records. This year, Henkel will make it very easy for fans to follow the emotion and excitement of the Loctite®-sponsored 2011 Cook’s Bonneville Shootout event by providing links to daily updates, videos and photography on their web site,

Henkel Updates Loctite® Design Guide for Bonding Plastics 

To simplify the challenge of determining the most effective adhesive/plastic bonding combinations, Henkel Corporation has updated and reintroduced its Loctite® Design Guide for Bonding Plastics.  An informational resource for anyone looking to bond plastics, this completely updated 96-page guide provides detailed technical information on the seven leading adhesive technologies that effectively bond the 30 most common plastic substrates. 

New Hot Water Debondable Epoxy Simplifies Solar Silicon Wafer Slicing 

To simplify silicone ingot bonding and protect against wafer breakage, Henkel Corporation has introduced Loctite® 3382™, a water-debondable epoxy adhesive that provides excellent bond strength to both silicon and the glass and metal mounting substrates used during the ingot sawing process.

Adhesive Will Help Racers Shatter Additional Land Speed Records on Bonneville Salt Flats 

In September of 2011, Henkel and its Loctite® line of adhesives and sealants will return to the Bonneville Salt Flats, hoping to help racers break more world land speed records under the hot Utah sun. During the fierce competition, virtually every vehicle will rely upon Loctite® products to enhance performance and ensure reliability in the extreme conditions of the arid, overheated salt pan. The 2011 event will take place September 19 to 23.

Breakthrough Pressureless Silver Sintering Technology from Henkel Delivers High UPH, High Reliability Solution 

Breaking new ground in materials innovation, Henkel Electronic Materials has announced its success with a revolutionary silver (Ag) sintering technology that enables high volume production of modern power packages in a process that does not require pressure.   In its market debut, Henkel’s Ag sintering capability has been designed into Ablestik SSP2000, a high reliability die attach material well-suited for use with power modules such as IGBTs and high power LED products. 

Henkel’s Conductive Die Attach Films Enable Leadframe Package Scalability at STMicroelectronics  

Henkel today announced that it has worked with STMicroelectronics, one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies and advanced chip packaging technology developers, to validate the performance of Henkel’s Ablestik C100 conductive die attach film materials for production of very small package configurations in a process called ScalPack, which incorporates die with extremely small dimensions. 

Henkel Announces Loctite® Sponsorship of F5000 Vintage Racing 

Henkel Corporation has announced that Loctite® brand adhesives and sealants will be a marquee sponsor of the 2011 Formula 5000 U.S. Revival Race Series.  Formula 5000 is one of the premier open-wheel racing groups in historic/vintage racing, and ranks among the fastest growing participant sports in North America, Europe and Australia/New Zealand.

Loctite® Sponsors No. 36 Car at Indianapolis 500 

When the green flag drops at the 100th Anniversary Indianapolis 500 race at noon on Sunday, racing fans will actually be able to see Loctite® at work on the track.  Henkel Corporation has announced that Loctite® brand adhesives -- products that have enhanced automotive performance for more than 50 years -- will be a major sponsor of the No. 36 car entered by Conquest Racing in the May 29 event.

Henkel Electronics Redesigns Website, Offers Suite of eTools to Enhance Customer Experience 

In order to provide more streamlined accessibility to information regarding the company’s wide range of electronic materials, Henkel Electronics has redesigned its website ( to deliver a simple, yet comprehensive, resource for customers’ and partners’ daily use. 

Henkel Introduces Next-Generation VOC-Free Conformal Coating 

Addressing the demanding environmental and reliability requirements of modern printed circuit board (PCB) products, Henkel has formulated Hysol PC40-UMF, a solvent-free conformal coating material that offers outstanding performance while delivering a sustainable alternative to solvent-based coatings. 

Innovative Loctite® Threadlocker Tape Wins Product of the Year Award 

Henkel Corporation has announced that its newest innovation in anaerobic threadlocking technology, Loctite® QuickTape® 249™ Threadlocker Tape, has received the 2010 Gold Maintenance Product of the Year Award from Plant Engineering magazine.  The industrial end users who read Plant Engineering selected Henkel’s product from a field of more than 100 nominated products, and selected it best in the maintenance class.  The award was presented to Henkel on March 21, 2011.

New No-Clean Flux from Henkel Delivers Wide Process Window and Exceptional Manufacturing Latitude 

Designed with modern manufacturing requirements in mind, Henkel Electronic Materials has formulated Multicore MF210, a no-clean sustained activity flux that is compatible with both lead-free and tin-lead processes.  The halide-free, resin-free material is effective with a wide range of solder resists, as well as rosin and OSP-based protectants for maximum adaptability. 

Fast-Fixturing Bonding and Potting Products Speed Solar Junction Box Fabrication  

To speed solar panel assembly and eliminate the need for racked parts, Henkel Corporation has introduced new fast-fixturing silicone adhesives and potting compounds for use on PV junction box assemblies.  Developing fixture strength in just 2 to 3 minutes and handling strength in less than 20 minutes, UL 94-listed Loctite® silicones are highly elastic, flexible products that provide long-term reliability and durability on glass, metal and plastic substrates across a broad range of temperatures and weather conditions.

Henkel Wins 2011 Automotive News PACE Award 

Henkel Corporation received the 2011 Automotive News PACE Award for its Terophon® HDF (high damping foam). This is the third year in a row Henkel’s automotive technologies have been recognized with the prestigious PACE Award, which is awarded to automotive suppliers for superior innovation, technological advancement and business performance.

New Henkel Hot Melt Adhesive/Sealant Allows Immediate Handling of Solar Modules  

For fully-automated framing of crystalline solar modules, Henkel Corporation has introduced Terostat® MS 500™, a high strength hot melt adhesive that offers high initial tack for immediate handling.

Updated Loctite® Adhesive Sourcebook Available In Print and Online 

Henkel Corporation now offers 210 pages of comprehensive information on the company’s complete line of Loctite® adhesives, sealants, lubricants, coatings and dispensing/curing equipment in both print and online formats.   Featuring more than 1,500 products for industrial manufacturing and maintenance, The Loctite® Adhesive Sourcebook, Volume 11 provides extensive end-use application information, easy matching of products and related equipment, and simple identification of new and preferred products. 

Henkel Launches Conductive Die Attach Film; Enables Process Advances for Leadframe Applications 

The latest in a series of recent materials innovation successes, Henkel Electronics today announced the development and commercial availability of its Ablestik C100 series conductive die attach films.  With relatively few, if any, conductive die attach films on the market until now, the launch of this material advance effectively establishes the benchmark for conductive die attach film solutions.

Henkel Awarded Cessna Chemical Management Contract 

Henkel’s Chemical Management (HCM) Group was recently awarded the chemical management contract at Cessna Aircraft Company in Wichita, Kan. HCM will coordinate all chemical acquisition activity for aerospace products from Henkel and other suppliers. In addition, HCM will provide on-site point-of-use inventory management to promote cost reduction, process improvement and environmental compliance at both Cessna sites in Wichita.

Ultra-Fast Loctite® Structural Acrylic Adhesives Allow Metal Assemblies to Withstand Powerful Forces 

For the structural assembly of metals — especially aluminum components, Henkel Corporation has introduced two new Loctite® Structural Acrylic Adhesives formulated to fixture in just five to 20 minutes, and to deliver excellent peel and shear strength once cured. Loctite® H8100™ and H8110™ Speedbonder™ Structural Adhesives provide tough, long-lasting bonds and are designed to reduce or eliminate welds, rivets and threaded fasteners.

Henkel announces price increase for industrial adhesives  

Against the background of rising raw material costs, and with immediate effect, Henkel is implementing a price increase for certain product groups of its industrial adhesives.  Increase amounts will vary based on market segment and technology.  On average, the price increases will range from 10 to 25 percent. 

Team Loctite® Strikes Gold in 2011 Winter X Games 

Loctite®-sponsored snocross racer Mike Schultz and snowmobile freestylist Daniel Bodin struck gold at the 2011 Winter X Games that took place in Aspen, Colorado, January 27 through 30.  Both athletes competed on high performance snowmobiles enhanced with Loctite® adhesives and sealants, bringing home a total of three gold medals.

Loctite® AssureCure™ Technology Quantifiably Verifies Degree of Cure for Light Cure Adhesives 

Henkel Corporation has introduced a revolutionary new system designed to quantitatively and cost effectively assess the degree of cure of light cure adhesives.  A simple in-line process, the Loctite® AssureCure™ System includes new adhesive technology, fiber optic light sources, a light detector unit, and software that ties into the users’ PC or PLC. 

Enhanced Loctite® 243™ Cures Through Contaminants and Performs at Higher Temperatures 

Henkel Corporation has reformulated and reintroduced Loctite® 243™ Threadlocker to withstand temperatures up to 360°F, cure consistently without primers, and tolerate contamination from thread lubrication, anti-corrosion and protection fluids. Designed for locking and sealing fasteners that may need to be disassembled during their service life, this anaerobic threadlocker now provides enhanced performance on both active and passive metal surfaces including steel, stainless steel, and plated materials.

Comprehensive Line of Henkel Products Support Solar Cell and Module Assembly and Installation  

To reduce costs and improve the reliability of sensitive photovoltaic devices, Henkel Corporation offers a comprehensive line of adhesives, sealants and cleaners for PV manufacturing and installation. These high tech products comply with relevant standards of the photovoltaic industry and are widely used in a range of applications from silicon wafer production to installation of huge solar arrays.

Henkel Names Joe DeBiase Senior Vice President of General Industry Business 

Henkel Corporation has named Joseph D. DeBiase Senior Vice President of its North American General Industry business at its Rocky Hill, Conn. headquarters.  DeBiase will lead Henkel’s General Industry business in the U.S. and Canada, which provides adhesives, sealants, lubricants, coatings, dispensing and curing equipment, and metal pretreatments to a wide variety of industrial markets for assembly, surface treatment and maintenance repair.  The business’ brand names include Loctite®, Hysol®, Bonderite®, Frekote®, and Teroson®.

Jan-Dirk Auris to succeed Thomas Geitner at Henkel Management Board 

Thomas Geitner (55), Executive Vice President Adhesive Technologies and member of the Management Board, will resign from office effective December 31, 2010 for personal reasons. Jan-Dirk Auris (42), currently Senior Vice President Adhesive Technologies as well as President of Henkel in the Asia-Pacific region, has been appointed as his successor effective January 1, 2011.

Henkel’s Dr. Brian Toleno Elected to SMTA Board of Directors  

Recognizing his technical expertise and dedication to the surface-mount and microelectronics packaging sectors, electronics industry colleagues have nominated and elected Henkel’s Brian Toleno, Ph.D. to the Surface Mount Technology Association’s (SMTA) Board of Directors.  Toleno’s term will span three years, during which time he will serve on the association’s planning and globalization committee.

Henkel and Nordmeccania announce workshop on scrap prevention 

Henkel Corporation, a technology leader in adhesives and coatings for flexible packaging, and Nordmeccanica, a leader in the design, manufacturing and installation of equipment for the converting industry, announce a joint workshop on scrap prevention. 

New Non-Sagging Light Cure Adhesive Fluoresces Red for Easy On-Part Detection 

For medical device and industrial assembly applications, Henkel Corporation has introduced new Loctite® 3979™ Light Cure Adhesive, a translucent, non-sagging gel formulation designed to fill moderate gaps without migrating beyond its intended location. Loctite® 3979™ cures in seconds upon exposure to UV/visible light, and fluoresces red for easy on-part detection prior to or following cure. 

Loctite® Epoxy Potting Compound Meets New UL-674 Requirements for Explosion-Proof Motors 

To help manufacturers comply with UL-674 requirements for explosion-proof electric motors, Henkel Corporation has introduced Loctite® E-40EXP™, a two-component, room-temperature-curing epoxy potting compound designed to pass UL testing and maintain more than 85% of its compression strength following exposure to 13 harsh chemicals. 

Impact and Fracture-Resistant Instant Adhesives Cure in Seconds Upon Exposure to Light 

For medical devices that must withstand impact or flexing, Henkel Corporation has introduced two new Loctite® Flashcure® Light Cure Instant Adhesives. Loctite® 4310™ and Loctite® 4311™ Flashcure® Light Cure Instant Adhesives cure tack-free in just two to five seconds upon exposure to low-intensity UV/visible light. Both adhesives are fluorescent for inspection purposes and meet ISO 10993 biocompatibility standards for medical device assembly. They can be used for bonding hypodermic needles, hearing aids, tubing assemblies and catheters. 

Adhesive Systems, Inc. and Henkel Announce Commitment from Kraft Foods to Support Minority Owned Suppliers within the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry 

In an industry first, alliance partners Adhesive Systems Inc. (ASI) and Henkel today announced a new joint initiative with Kraft Foods that will support minority owned suppliers within the consumer packaged goods industry. Kraft Foods has committed to source the majority of the adhesives used to package its food products in North America from minority owned and operated adhesive manufacturer ASI and global adhesive technologies provider Henkel.

New Loctite® Adhesive Sourcebook Allows Fast and Easy Product Selection 

The Loctite® Adhesive Sourcebook, Volume 10 is a 214-page, comprehensive resource guide from Henkel Corporation that provides information on the company’s complete line of more than 800 Loctite® adhesive, sealant, coating, and lubricant products for industrial manufacturing and maintenance repair. The Sourcebook also features information on related dispensing and curing equipment. 

Four World Records Shattered at Loctite® Land Speed Shoot-out on Bonneville Salt Flats 

Under the hot Utah sun at the Bonneville Salt Flats this September, four racing teams shattered standing world land speed records, using streamlined cars and motorcycles that traveled at speeds of 280 to over 400 mph.  At the end of the five-day racing flight, which took place September 20 through 24, even a record standing for 45 years had been broken.

Henkel Introduces New Loctite® Magnet Bonding Guide 

Available both online and in print, the new Loctite® Magnet Bonding Guide from Henkel Corporation provides in-depth information on adhesives and equipment specifically designed for bonding ferrite, neodymium/iron, and alnico magnets used in electric motors, speakers, small engines, computer storage devices, power hand tools and other applications.

Henkel brochure features Sustainable Packaging Tote Recovery Program 

Henkel is offering a new brochure presenting a fast, easy and environmentally responsible way for customers to return empty totes that previously held Henkel products. 

Carton with Henkel MiraFoil® coating achieves 2010 Greener Package Award  

Packaging World magazine has awarded the 2010 Greener Package Award to GlaxoSmithKline’s Aquafresh White & Shine toothpaste carton, which combines Henkel’s MiraFoil® metallic coating with Holobrite™ filmless holographic technology by The Specialized Packaging Group (SPG).

New Loctite® Design Guide for Electric Motors and Generators 

A new 34-page, full-color brochure from Henkel Corporation, the Loctite® Design Guide for Electric Motors and Generators, provides in-depth information on adhesive, sealant and coating technologies used in the production of electric motors and generators.  This brochure uses text, cutaway illustrations, images and tables to comprehensively explain where and why adhesives are used on motors and generators, and provides detailed technical data on available Loctite® products. 

Henkel Announces October 2010 Loctite® Medical Device Adhesive Seminar 

Henkel Corporation has announced a date for the next 2010 Loctite® Medical Device Adhesive Seminar.  These comprehensive programs address topics specifically related to the design and assembly of medical devices, including proper joint design for adhesive assembly, selecting the appropriate adhesive technology, and processing-equipment requirements.

Henkel Announces Sponsorship of Racing For Our Heroes: Program Hosts Wounded Soldiers at American Le Mans Events 

Since 2006, American Le Mans Series race car driver and former marine Jason Carter has hosted nearly 500 severely wounded veterans of the Iraq and Afghan wars and their family members at American Le Mans Series racing events.  During the 2010-2011 race season, Henkel Corporation and the Loctite® brand have joined this effort, committing as a title sponsor of Carter’s Racing For Our Heroes program.

Loctite® How-To Videos Illustrate Simplicity of Anaerobic Adhesives and Sealants 

To answer common questions and educate users on the simplicity of Loctite® brand anaerobic adhesives and sealants, Henkel Corporation has introduced a series of short videos that will appear on YouTube and on Loctite® websites.  Running approximately 60 seconds each, these videos succinctly illustrate the simplicity of using, applying and removing these adhesives. 

Henkel Electronics Moves to New State-of-the-Art Headquarters in Irvine, California 

Henkel’s Adhesive Electronics business has relocated its headquarters to a new facility in Irvine, California which the company fully expects will help further its innovation initiatives.

Henkel Develops Disruptive Die Attach Technology; New WBC for Stacked Die Packages Challenges Die Attach Film Stronghold  

Recognized for its ease of use and cost-effectiveness with die attach processes for leadframe packages, Henkel has extended its Wafer Backside Coating (WBC) portfolio to also include a solution for stacked die packages.  Ablestik WBC-8901UV has been designed to address the demanding requirements of multiple die stack applications for the memory market segment, including packages such as TSOPs, MCPs and FMCs (Flash Memory Cards).

New Purmelt® Adhesive Withstands High Temperatures and Reduces Exterior Panel Distortion on RVs 

To reduce distortion of FRP panels exposed to direct sunlight, Henkel Corporation has introduced a new urethane hot melt adhesive formulated to withstand high temperatures in excess of 200°F.  Highly-durable Purmelt® R-200F+ improves distortion resistance up to five times longer than traditional polyurethane adhesives, and allows manufacturers to use dark graphics and full-body paint on sidewall designs.

Henkel Awarded 2010 Automotive News PACE Environmental Award 

Henkel Corporation received a 2010 Automotive News PACE Environmental Award for its Aquence® Co-Cure coating process, at an awards ceremony on June 16 in Novi, Mich. As a 2010 PACE Award winner for innovation, Henkel was also selected for this prestigious environmental award which recognizes automotive suppliers for their innovations that contribute to environmental sustainability. The Aquence® Co-Cure process reduces environmental impact since it contains no heavy metals or sludge, is low VOC and reduces energy consumption and waste treatment costs.

Loctite® High-Strength Red Threadlocker Cures Through Oils and Secures Large Fasteners Exposed to High Temperatures 

Henkel Corporation has introduced Loctite® 263™ Threadlocker, a high-strength, single-component anaerobic threadlocker designed to permanently lock and seal threaded fasteners up to one-inch in diameter.  For use in a wide range of heavy-duty industrial applications, this high-viscosity, primerless, red threadlocker cures on fasteners treated with thread lubricants and anti-corrosion/protection fluids without cleaning.

Henkel Showcases Aerospace Innovations at SAMPE 

Henkel will display its innovative aerospace solutions at the 2010 SAMPE show in Seattle, Wash. These technologies significantly help to increase process efficiency, reduce costs and strengthen structural integrity. Henkel will feature a new resin system that is an alternative to the traditional epoxy-based chemistry for high performance applications; film adhesives that require minimal surface preparation; as well as the latest advances in composite assembly solutions.

Henkel Announces Loctite® Medical Device Adhesive Training Workshops for June 2010 

Henkel Corporation has announced new dates for Loctite® Medical Device Adhesive Training Workshops during 2010.  These comprehensive programs address topics specifically related to the design and assembly of medical devices, including proper joint design for adhesive assembly, selecting the appropriate adhesive technology, and processing-equipment requirements.

New Henkel Electrically Conductive Adhesive Cures Fast at Low Temperature; Ideal for Photovoltaic, Automotive and Membrane Switch Applications 

Delivering a robust alternative to high-temperature solder processes, Henkel has developed Hysol ECCOBOND CA3556HF, a silver-filled electrically conductive adhesive designed to offer fast cure at low temperature.  The material is ideal for high-throughput production processes and applications that dictate high peel strength, such as the assembly of photovoltaic (PV) modules, automotive sensors and membrane switches that incorporate temperature-sensitive substrates.

Frekote® Aqualine® RS-100™ Increases Mold Release Capacity Up To 12 Times Over Non-Coated Molds 

Henkel Corporation has introduced Frekote® Aqualine® RS-100™, a water-based sealer designed to seal micro-porosity in steel and chrome-plated molds.  This clear liquid product provides an excellent base coat and significantly increases mold release capacity.

Henkel Enhances Lubricant Formulation with Solid Lubricant Additives 

Henkel Corporation offers a wide range of solid lubricant additives to enhance lubricant formulations conveniently and economically. These solid lubricant, colloidal dispersions offer superior lubrication qualities, while providing a definite competitive edge, by working to reduce friction when added to the liquid lubricant. In addition, less wear occurs, energy consumption is reduced, and load carrying capabilities are improved.

Loctite PowerstrateXtreme Printable from Henkel Raises the Bar on Thermal Management Flexibility  

Addressing the challenges posed by traditional greases and phase-change thermal interface materials, Henkel has developed and commercialized Loctite PowerstrateXtreme Printable (PSX-P), a new print-friendly thermal management product.

Henkel Introduces Innovative Loctite® Threadlocker Tape 

The inventor of anaerobic adhesive technology —  Henkel Corporation — has introduced the newest innovation in anaerobic threadlockers: Loctite® QuickTape® 249™ Threadlocker Tape.  Dry to the touch and packaged in a convenient 260-inch roll, this medium-strength tape threadlocker provides the same reliable performance of liquid threadlockers yet can be carried in a pocket or toolbox.  This tape can also be pre-applied to fasteners for future assembly.

New Loctite® Threadlocking User’s Guide  

A new 10-page, full-color brochure from Henkel Corporation, the Loctite® Threadlocking User’s Guide, provides detailed information on anaerobic threadlocking adhesives and their advantages over mechanical locking devices for preventing fastener loosening.  The literature highlights the company’s line of Loctite® threadlocking adhesives, and uses text, illustrations and images to explain how and when they can be used to ensure fastener reliability. 

New Henkel Literature Pack Showcases Spectacular Special Effects for Printing and Packaging 

Henkel Corporation is offering a new literature pack that illustrates creative special effects and dynamic finishes on printing and packaging with sustainable UV-cured Miracure® and MiraFoil® coatings. 

Henkel Macromelt Portfolio Extended to Address Green & Portable Energy, Medical Applications: Selected by Big 3 Automaker for Next-Gen Vehicle 

World-renowned as the leading low-pressure molding solution, Henkel’s popular Macromelt portfolio has now been extended to meet the requirements of Green and Portable Energy and Medical manufacturers.

Comprehensive Frekote® Brochure Details Release Agents for Composite and Rubber Molding 

A new 20-page brochure from Henkel Corporation provides detailed technical and application information on the company’s complete line of Frekote® mold release agents for demanding composite and rubber molding applications.  More than 50 products are highlighted in the Frekote® Mold Release Solutions Guide, from coatings to cleaners to sealers.

Improvements to Thermal Resistant, Rubber Toughened Loctite® Cyanoacrylate Instant Adhesives Result in Faster Cure Times 

Henkel Corporation has reformulated three Loctite® Cyanoacrylates to offer improved performance and stability for bonding to a wide variety of substrates. The reformulated versions of Loctite® 4203™, 4204™ and 4205™ Prism® Instant Adhesives withstand temperatures up to 250°F, fixture and cure more rapidly, and offer excellent impact and peel resistance.

Henkel Wins 2010 Automotive News Pace Award 

Henkel Corporation received a 2010 Automotive News PACE Award for its new Aquence® Co-Cure coating process, at an awards ceremony on April 12 in Detroit. The prestigious award recognizes automotive suppliers for superior innovation, technological advancement and business performance.

Henkel Presents the Latest in Automotive Technology at SAE World Congress 

Henkel technical experts will deliver technical sessions on the latest advances within the automotive industry. Henkel presentations will feature the environmental advantages of zirconium oxide conversion coatings; the energy efficient, two-step Aquence® Co-Cure coating process that simplifies paint shop operations; as well as the advances in metal stamping lubricant performance testing.

Henkel Announces First Loctite® Medical Device Adhesive Training Workshops for 2010 

Henkel Corporation has announced dates for the first Loctite® Medical Device Adhesive Training Workshops of 2010.  These comprehensive programs address topics specifically related to the design and assembly of medical devices, including proper joint design for adhesive assembly, selecting the appropriate adhesive technology, and processing-equipment requirements.

Breakthrough Liofol® Laminating Adhesive from Henkel Surpasses Industry Standards for Speed and Performance 

Henkel Corporation, a technology leader in adhesives and coatings for flexible packaging, announces a major product advance:  The Liofol® UR2790-22/UR5026-21 Adhesive System allows converters to produce laminate films, then roll, slit, pouch and ship to food processors faster than current industry standard products. 

Henkel to Show Latest Materials Innovations at APEX 2010 

Customers visiting Henkel at the upcoming APEX 2010 event in Las Vegas will quickly discover that partnering with the materials leader is no gamble.  A continued emphasis on product innovation and R&D investment – even throughout the recent downturn – has placed the company firmly at the top among electronics materials suppliers, with materials solutions and global resources that are unmatched.

Henkel Introduces New Low Toxicity Cleaning Inhibitor 

Henkel Corporation introduces P3® Rodine® 2010, a new low toxicity cleaning inhibitor. This new, patent-pending product minimizes base metal dissolution during cleaning operations and improves scale removal efficiency. P3® Rodine® 2010 is gentle enough to be used with the most delicate of machines because it also prevents pitting corrosion of metal surfaces such as stainless steels and Monel® alloys.

New Loctite® Threadlockers Withstand High Temperatures and Cure Without Cleaning or Priming 

Henkel Corporation has introduced two new Loctite® threadlockers formulated to withstand consistent operating temperatures up to 360°F.   Curing consistently and thoroughly without cleaning, these new products tolerate the oils and lubricants typically found on “as received” threaded fasteners. These products will also cure on plated, aluminum, stainless and chromated fasteners without primers.

Loctite® LED Flood Curing System Maintains Consistent Output  

Henkel Corporation has introduced the Loctite® LED Flood System, a   self-contained, air-cooled assembly designed to cure Loctite® UV/Visible cure adhesives.  The system delivers a curing area of 100 x 100 mm at intensities of up to 600 mW/cm2, depending on the wavelength selected.  Unlike traditional arc lamps, this LED system has a significantly longer life, negligible intensity decay, and no infrared emissions that can overheat parts.

New Henkel Liofol® Laminating Adhesive Delivers Higher Speed, Productivity and Efficiency  

Henkel Corporation, a technology leader in adhesives and coatings for flexible packaging, announces the latest advance in solventless laminating adhesive: Liofol® LA7724-21 with UR6020 Hardener. 

Henkel Hosts Sustainable Supplier Symposium  

Henkel Corporation’s Industrial Adhesives business sponsored the company’s first Sustainable Supplier Symposium on January 21, 2010.  Designed to “spark the seeds of sustainable innovation” among members of Henkel’s product development team, the symposium featured meetings and exhibits by a select group of suppliers who pursue sustainability in creative, innovative ways. 

Loctite® High Purity Thread Sealant Low in Halogens and Sulfur 

For use on threaded stainless steel pipes and fittings found in high temperature environments such as nuclear facilities, Henkel Corporation has introduced Loctite® 5802™ PST® High Purity Thread Sealant.   Formulated to meet nuclear green limit requirements, this product is low in impurities such as halogens, sulfur and low-melting-point metals which can be harmful to metal pipes. 

New Loctite® Rotary Dispense System Accurately Places Adhesives in Circular or Arc Patterns 

For placing adhesives onto parts in circular or arc-shaped patterns, Henkel Corporation has introduced the Loctite® Rotary Dispense System, a fully-integrated device designed to independently control a syringe or dispense valve without the use of a separate valve controller.

Henkel is Official Supplier of the Dakar Rally for Sixth Straight Event 

On January 1, 2010, the starting signal for the world’s most sensational rally raid will be given in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For the sixth time in a row, the Henkel brands Loctite® and Teroson® are official suppliers of the Dakar Rally. This will begin a grueling schedule for the Henkel service team accompanying the drivers. Night by night, their fast and efficient repairs ensure that the contestants will be able to make it to the starting line the next day.

Henkel Extends Representative Network in the Americas 

Honoring its commitment to deliver easy access to world-class materials solutions, Henkel Corporation’s electronics group today announced an extension of its representative network in the United States.  Adding to an already well-established representative and distributor base, Henkel has partnered with leading manufacturer’s reps Restronics Southeast and Aligned Solutions, Inc. to provide customers even greater local support for the company’s electronics assembly materials. 

Henkel’s Multicore LF730 Raises the Bar on Lead-Free Solder Paste Performance 

Building on its successful lead-free solder products portfolio, Henkel has developed Multicore LF730, a Pb-free solder paste born from the company’s unyielding innovation commitment and arguably setting the benchmark for lead-free paste performance. 

Henkel Selected as 2010 PACE Award Finalist 

Henkel Corporation has been selected as an Automotive News PACE Award finalist for its environmentally responsible Aquence® Co-Cure process technology. The Co-Cure process simplifies conventional metal pretreatment by reducing it to a two-coat cure process, therefore reducing the production footprint up to 40 percent. In addition, by curing the Aquence® coating and topcoat together in a single oven, the process also reduces energy requirements.

Loctite® Focused UV Flood Lamp Cures Adhesives Used for Bonding, Potting, Tacking and Sealing 

Henkel Corporation has introduced the Loctite® Focused UV Flood Lamp, a 400-watt compact, lightweight UV light source designed to cure a 4-inch square area.  Weighing just over 4 pounds and measuring 7.5L x 4.5W x 5.8H-inches, this unit can be easily hand-held or mounted above a worksite in benchtop production applications.

Henkel’s North Kansas City Facility Celebrates 25 Years Without a Lost-Time Injury  

On October 13, the Henkel Corporation manufacturing plant located in North Kansas City completed 25 years without a lost-time injury, as well as 10 years without a recordable injury. The facility produces more than 50 million pounds of adhesives per year that are used for the manufacturing of envelopes, tissues, and towels. The plant  has 19 employees and operates five days a week, 24 hours a day.

Henkel Introduces Zero Halogen Multicore HF108 Solder Paste 

Henkel’s in-depth materials development initiatives surrounding halogen-free innovation has yielded another process-enabling product.  Multicore HF108 is a lead-free, halogen-free solder paste that combines all of the benefits of robust lead-free materials with the advantage of no deliberately added halogen and is now commercially available.

Henkel Extends Die Attach Solder Paste Product Line, Adds Printable Formula to Popular Portfolio  

Broadening its well-known Multicore die attach solder portfolio, which already includes Multicore DA100 solder paste for high-lead and lead-free applications, Henkel today announced the launch of Multicore DA101.  This newest formulation delivers many of the well-known benefits of Multicore DA100, but has been designed for screen print operations, thus offering flexibility for varying process requirements.

Loctite® QuickStix™ Pipe Sealant for Stainless Steel 

Packaged as a semisolid stick that won’t leak or spill, new Loctite® QuickStix™ 5671™ PST® Pipe Sealant is designed to seal tapered pipe thread fittings made of stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized metal and other inert metals.  The product delivers immediate low pressure sealing and will not creep, shred, contaminate or block lines.

Henkel Appoints New Manufacturer’s Representatives in Key US Regions 

Henkel Corporation’s electronics group has signed on two new representatives to support its sales initiatives in Northern California and the Texas/Oklahoma region.   The firms, Moore Integrated Technologies and The NiMar Group, respectively, are both managed by industry professionals with a long and successful history in the electronics marketplace, thus upholding Henkel’s pledge to enable its customers’ success through expert, local and accessible sales support.

New Ergonomic Loctite® 50 ml Tube Squeeze Dispenser 

For dispensing anaerobic flange and gasket sealants in 50 ml tubes, Henkel Corporation has introduced the Loctite® 50 ml Tube Squeeze Dispenser, an easy-to-use, trigger-controlled dispense gun that provides smooth and consistent adhesive flow.

Henkel Wins Award for Excellence in Supply Chain Customization and Innovation 

Henkel’s Laundry & Home Care business sector is the winner of the 2009 Award for Excellence in Supply Chain Customization and Innovation. This award is given by Boston Strategies International in the category of General Industries. The consulting firm conducted an in-depth global supply chain benchmark study in which diverse companies responded from all over the world. Henkel’s North American laundry and home care brands include Purex® detergents, Renuzit® air fresheners, and Soft Scrub® cleansers.

Henkel Develops New Film Adhesive 

The aerospace group of Henkel announces the release of Hysol® PL696 epoxy-based structural film adhesive. The new adhesive is designed primarily for out-ofautoclave curing process applications and is also available in lightning strike configuration. It is a low temperature cure film product that eliminates the need for autoclave curing and can be cured with a vacuum bag at just 140°F. In addition, it improves surface quality of composite structures, while having the ability to bond a variety of similar and dissimilar materials.

Henkel’s Hysol® EA 9896™ Wet Peel Ply Provides Clean Bonding Surface 

The aerospace group of Henkel announces the release of Hysol® EA 9896™ WPP (Wet Peel Ply) composite bonding film. This product is a resin impregnated nylon peel ply used for the surface preparation of composite substrates. It provides process efficiency by eliminating the need for sanding or grit blasting in the surface preparation process. Hysol® EA 9896™ WPP also eliminates residual peel ply fibers at the bond surface after curing and removal. Henkel will be introducing this technology and others at the SAMPE Wichita show, booth #910.

Henkel Rocky Hill Headquarters Sees Many Changes in 15 Years 

October 19, 2009 marks the 15th anniversary of the ribbon cutting for the Henkel headquarters located at One Henkel Way in Rocky Hill, Conn. The 190,000 square foot administration and research and development facility, situated on 57.35 scenic acres, has seen many changes in 15 years.

Revolutionary Dual Action Loctite® Threadlocker Lubricates and Prevents Loosening of Large Fasteners 

A new high lubricity threadlocker from Henkel Corporation, Loctite® 2047™, is designed to ensure maximum performance of fasteners greater than 7/8-inch in diameter.  This dual-function threadlocker works both as a lubricant that reduces friction and achieves proper clamp load during fastener assembly, and as an adhesive/sealant that eliminates loosening, maintains clamp load and prevents corrosion. 

Henkel Fore A Cause Event Raises over $40,000 to Benefit Detroit’s Cornerstone Schools 

Henkel recently hosted its fifth annual Henkel Fore A Cause customer appreciation golf outing and charity event. This annual outing is a customer event with a mission to raise money to help support Cornerstone Schools, a Detroit charter school dedicated to the excellence of its students. Through registration fees, partner sponsorships and raffle tickets, the event raised $40,000 for Cornerstone Schools.

New Henkel Flyer Features Two Dorus® Adhesives For Improved Air Quality  

A new flyer from Henkel presents a versatile choice of two VOC-free DORUS® formulations for efficient, reliable foam bonding of upholstered furniture, seating, mattresses and mattress components. 

New Loctite® Pneumatic Applicator Triggers Adhesive Dispensing 

For simple and fast manual application of adhesives packaged in 300 ml cartridges or 250 ml tubes, Henkel Corporation has introduced the Loctite® Pneumatic Hand-Held Cartridge Dispenser.

Henkel’s Pioneering Ablestik® Self-Filleting® Die Attach Receives Notice that First Patent to Grant 

Henkel Corporation today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has allowed a patent covering its Ablestik® Self-Filleting® die attach products and controlled flow technique, which have been designed and perfected by the company over the past five years. 

Henkel Launches Water-based Heatseal For Recycled PET 

Henkel is introducing new Latiseal® B7707AR at PRINT O9 on September 11-16 at McCormick Place in Chicago.  This unique, water-based heatseal provides perfectly bonded recycled RPET blister packages and does not crystallize over time. 

Loctite® Maintenance Products Meet Rigorous Standards for Food and Beverage Processing Industries 

For food- and beverage-processing where product quality and safety are critical, Henkel Corporation offers a full line of Loctite® maintenance products designed to meet the rigorous food safety requirements of the FDA, NSF and the CFIA. 

Expandable Loctite® UV LED Spot Cure System Cures Up to Four Separate Areas 

Henkel Corporation has introduced the Loctite® UV LED Spot Cure System, a UV-LED spot light source that typically emits 3.0 to 3.5 W/cm2 of UVA light at 365 nm.  This monochromatic LED light source causes no thermal damage to objects being irradiated.  The system can be set either to continuous on or programmed output modes depending on the requirements of the application.

Henkel Announces New Complete Line of Loctite Bonding Solutions for Maintenance 

Henkel Corporation has introduced nine new products for maintenance and repair applications, including fast setting adhesives, high-performance adhesives, plastic bonders, metal bonders and wood bonders.

Henkel Adds September Dates for Loctite® Medical Device Adhesive Training Workshops 

Henkel Corporation has added two September dates for Loctite® Medical Device Adhesive Training Workshops.  These comprehensive programs address topics specifically related to the design and assembly of medical devices, including proper joint design for adhesive assembly, selecting the appropriate adhesive technology, and processing-equipment requirements.

Henkel Literature: Solutions for the Solar Power Industry  

A new six-page brochure from Henkel Corporation provides detailed information on the company’s line of Loctite® adhesives and sealants for manufacturing photovoltaic and concentrating solar modules.  The literature, Solutions for the Solar Power Industry, offers technical data on products for elastomeric bonding and sealing, rigid bonding, and potting. 

Henkel and LBP Manufacturing Announce Joint Agreement 

Henkel and LBP have launched a partnership which will leverage the extensive resources of Henkel with LBP’s innovative product line to provide unique packaging solutions while meeting market demands for more environmentally responsible packaging. 

Henkel Introduces Industrial Solutions Selector Guide  

New literature from Henkel Corporation provides detailed information on the company’s line of adhesives, sealants, metal pretreatments, coatings, cleaners and metalworking fluids for a wide range of industrial assembly applications.  The 84-page Industrial Solutions Selector Guide is broken down into 12 industrial application categories and 12 product focuses. 

New Tacky Flux Technology from Henkel Advances POP Processes and has Cameras Seeing Blue 

In a breakthrough for emerging package-on-package (POP) device processes, Henkel has developed Multicore® TFN700B™, a new no-clean, halide-free tacky flux material formulated specifically for today’s challenging POP applications.

Henkel Launches High-Lead and Lead-Free Capable Die Attach Solder Paste for Enhanced Thermal Control of Power Devices 

To address the thermal requirements posed by smaller outline, higher functioning power semiconductor devices, Henkel has formulated an advanced die attach solder paste suitable for both high-lead and lead-free applications.  Under the leading Multicore® brand of solder materials, this innovative product ensures the thermal management efficiency critical for excellent long-term reliability and performance.

Henkel Puerto Rico Launches Energy Reduction Program 

Henkel Puerto Rico recently installed two new lighting systems that will help the company reduce energy consumption at its manufacturing facility in Sabana Grande. Henkel, which manufactures Loctite® brand adhesives, installed an LED lighting system at its waste water treatment plant and a daylighting system at its waste handling building. Both systems are expected to achieve significant energy savings.

Henkel Introduces First GL-Certified Polyurethane Adhesives for Rotor Blade Bonding 

To simplify and accelerate blade manufacturing, Henkel Corporation has introduced Macroplast® UK 8340, the first Germanischer Lloyd-certified polyurethane adhesive products for the wind power market.  Traditionally, wind turbine rotor blades have been assembled using epoxy adhesives that require up to 24 hours to cure and generate potentially damaging levels of heat during the cure process. 

Flexible Loctite® Light Cure Silicones Cure with Visible Light 

In today’s challenging economy where manufacturers are looking for more effective ways to reduce cycle times, racking space and overall costs, Henkel Corporation introduces a complete line of Loctite® Light Cure Silicone adhesives/sealants that cure fully in seconds on exposure to high-powered UV or visible light.

Henkel Introduces Frekote® Rel-Eaze™ for Foundry Operations 

Frekote® Rel-Eaze™ is a revolutionary new mold release agent developed by Henkel Corporation for releasing sand cores used in foundry operations.  This unique Frekote® product produces 15 releases per application, providing the potential for significant savings in material, labor, and inventory costs.

New Henkel Flyers Detail Woodworking Adhesives That Meet Stringent OTC Standards  

Henkel is going greener with Hybond®, Permagrip®, and Formica® adhesives – and is proving the point with a series of new flyers about these adhesive products that meet the Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) Low-VOC Requirements standards being implemented by State and other regulatory bodies. 

06/16/2009 Share Ideas, Success Stories, Videos With Users of Loctite® Products  

Henkel Corporation has launched a new networking site specifically for users of Loctite® adhesives and sealants.  On, visitors can communicate directly with other people who use Loctite® products to solve everyday problems and challenges at work and at home. 

Multicore LF700 Solder Paste from Henkel Offers Exceptional Lead-free, Halide-free Performance 

With the majority of the electronics industry fully on board with lead-free manufacturing, solder paste materials requirements are now moving beyond basic functionality and toward more advanced, truly enabling capabilities.  Addressing these needs, Henkel has engineered Multicore® LF700™, a new lead-free, halide-free solder paste that has been formulated to deliver a wider range of benefits and performance characteristics than older-generation and competitive products.

Henkel Launches New High-Temp Compatible Conductive Film for RF Grounding Applications 

Advancing the performance of electrically conductive film technology, Henkel has developed and launched Emerson & Cuming® CF3366™, a ground-breaking film technology that offers a robust alternative to traditional conductive materials.

Henkel Launches Next-Gen Underfill that has it All 

In a remarkable breakthrough for underfill materials development, Henkel has engineered and launched a new underfill system that delivers on an unprecedented array of complex and demanding requirements, including room temperature fast flow, low temperature cure and reworkability. 

Henkel Appoints Jim Wise to Lead Global Sales Efforts for Electronics Assembly Business 

In a move designed to further expand the company’s market and sales leadership, Henkel Corporation has selected Mr. Jim Wise to direct the global sales effort for its electronics assembly business.

Henkel PURBOND® Meets All Requirements For ANSI Structural Certification 

Henkel PURBOND® HB E452 and PURBOND® HB E032 are the world’s first and only polyurethane adhesives to pass all tests required for ANSI/AITC 405-2008 certification,  the glulam standard.  As a result, architects and builders can reap the process, economic, and sustainable benefits of a one-component, polyurethane adhesive.

New Low-Foaming Multan® Bio-Resistant Metal Removal Lubricants 

Henkel Corporation has introduced two new water-soluble Multan® metal removal lubricants formulated to generate minimal foam and be used continuously for years with minimal biological degradation.  Users of traditional metal cutting fluids often experience problems with foam buildup and bacteria growth.  Excessive foam causes lubricant overflow and waste while bacteria growth generates odors, degrades the lubricant, and can cause operator health and safety concerns. 

Henkel Wins 2009 Automotive News Pace Award 

Henkel Corporation received a 2009 Automotive News PACE Award for its new conversion coating process, TecTalis, at an awards ceremony on April 20 in Detroit.  The prestigious award recognizes automotive suppliers for superior innovation, technological advancement and business performance.

Henkel Alodine® 871™ Touch-n-Prep Coating Meets Demands of Aerospace and Defense Industries 

Henkel ( announces the development and approval of Alodine® 871™ Touch-n-Prep trivalent chromate-based touch-up coating to U.S. military specification MIL-DTL-81706B. The coating is used to repair bare areas of metal surfaces to prevent corrosion. The ready-to-use pen applicator provides an easy and safe application method by delivering the coating directly onto the surface. The unique Alodine® 871™ no-rinse conversion coating can be applied to most bare metal surfaces including aluminum, ferrous and galvanized substrates.

Henkel Discusses Next Generation Formed-In-Place Gasket Liquid Sealant at SAE 2009 World Congress 

Henkel will discuss its Next Generation Formed-In-Place Gasket (FIPG) Liquid Sealant for Automotive Intake Manifold Applications in a technical presentation at SAE World Congress and Exposition. The topic will be presented at 10 a.m. on April 23rd in Room D3-22/23 at COBO Hall by Henkel technical expert, Chiu-Sing Lin. It highlights a study Henkel conducted in collaboration with Honda that shows that polyacrylate FIPG reduces gasoline permeation up to 10 times better than the silicone FIPG.

Innovation Wins Big at APEX: Henkel R&D Commitment Results in Impressive Awards Haul 

The current economic climate, though challenging, certainly hasn’t deterred the technology specialists at Henkel from continuing on an aggressive R&D path.  As evidenced by an impressive five award wins during last week’s APEX show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Henkel’s commitment to innovation and materials advance is stronger than ever.

Henkel Introduces Loctite® Halogen-Free Adhesives for Assembly of Handheld Electronics 

In response to industry initiatives and legislation designed to protect the environment from halogenated materials, Henkel Corporation has introduced a new line of Loctite® adhesives and sealants that meet the requirements of IPC IEC #61249-2-21. Used primarily in handheld electronics such as cell phones, PDAs, notebook/laptop computers and hard disk drives, these adhesives are formulated to contain less than 900 ppm bromine and chlorine, and 1500 ppm total halogens. Often halogen levels in these products are undetectable.

Ultra-Clear, Fast-Curing Two-Part Silicones for Potting and Sealing 

For potting and sealing applications where bond line aesthetics are critical, Henkel Corporation has introduced Loctite® Ultra-Clear Two-Part Silicones. These unique adhesives/sealants rapidly bond dissimilar substrates — especially glass — and maintain flexibility at both high and low temperatures (-60 to 450ºF).

Henkel Websites Highlight Advantages of Adhesives for Work Truck and Trailer Manufacturing 
For decades, adhesives have been a staple in global automotive assembly, helping manufacturers to reduce costs, minimize weight and improve the aesthetics of vehicles.  Two new websites from Henkel Corporation, and, use application videos and cutaways to prove the cost saving advantages of Loctite® adhesives and sealants for the work truck and trailer industry.  more...
Literature and Website Highlight Loctite® Medical Device Adhesives 
For medical device manufacturers in search of assembly adhesives and equipment, Henkel Corporation has introduced two resources designed to make research faster, easier and more informative – the redesigned and updated Solutions That Cure™: Adhesives for Medical Device Assembly brochure and, a website dedicated to Loctite® medical device products and programs.  more...
Henkel Names New Global Sales Director for Semiconductor Materials  
Henkel today announced the appointment of Mr. Luc Godefroid as the company’s Global Sales Director for its Semiconductor Group.  A key member of Henkel’s electronics sales team since 2001, Godefroid’s new role sees him building on his previous success and directing the global sales efforts of Henkel’s worldwide team and expanded product portfolio.

Loctite® PowerGrab® Simplifies Facility Maintenance  
For interior and exterior facility maintenance or building projects, Henkel Corporation has introduced Loctite® PowerGrab®, a heavy-duty industrial construction adhesive that grabs instantly with nine times the initial holding power of traditional construction adhesives.

Loctite® Two-Part Silicones Achieve High Strength Bond in Minutes 

Henkel Corporation has introduced the next generation of Loctite® Two-Part Silicones designed for a wide range of industrial bonding and sealing applications.  This unique, high-strength adhesive/sealant technology rapidly bonds metal, glass and ceramic substrates, and cures to handling strength in just 5 to 50 minutes.  Shelf life for these innovative silicones exceeds 12 months at room temperature – more than three times longer than the shelf life of competitive two-part silicones.

Henkel Expands Metals Business with Acheson Product Portfolio 

As a result of Henkel's acquisition of the National Starch businesses in April 2008, Henkel has expanded its metal solutions with the addition of the Acheson prodcut lines. Acheson specialty coatings, process lubricants and lubricant application systems are now exclusively available through Henkel.

Henkel Launches Breakthrough Self-filleting Die Attach Technology 
Further advancing the capabilities of modern die attach technology, Henkel has developed and made commercially available a line of new Ablestik® brand die attach materials known as self-filleting die attach.  The new class of die attach products offers all of the benefits of traditional die attach pastes, but takes the adhesive technology further by incorporating a self-filleting mechanism, making it a viable and much less costly alternative to die attach films.  more...
Henkel Offers Loctite® Consumables Line 

For adhesive dispensing applications, Henkel Corporation offers a comprehensive line of Loctite® Consumables, standardized dispense components designed to replace disposable parts required on any brand dispensing equipment.

Adhesive Locks/Seals Fasteners on Food Processing Equipment 

For use on threaded fasteners located on food- and beverage-processing equipment, Henkel Corporation has introduced Loctite® 2046™, a medium strength, removable two-part anaerobic threadlocker that fully complies with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and with all applicable food additive regulations including 21 C.F.R. 175.300.

Henkel Reports Good Organic Growth 

Second quarter 2008 financial results

Henkel’s New Wafer Backside Coating™ Portfolio Revolutionizes Die Attach Processes 

With the well-respected die attach brands of Hysol® and Ablestik®, Henkel has long been recognized for consistently pushing the bar higher when it comes to advanced semiconductor materials development. This pioneering philosophy has led to the development of yet another groundbreaking materials advance and the launch of Henkel’s Ablestik 8000™ Wafer Backside Coating™ (WBC) technology.

Primerless Elastic Adhesives and Sealants 

For flexible bonding applications, Henkel Corporation has introduced Loctite® 5510™ Adhesive/Sealant and Loctite® 5570™ Adhesive.  Highly resistant to vibration, movement and impact, these permanently elastic, primerless formulations bond and seal a wide variety of dissimilar substrates including metals, glass, nylon, and plastics.

Henkel Names New Executive Team 

Following its acquisition of the Adhesives and Electronics Materials businesses from National Starch and Chemical Company, Henkel today named the executive team that will lead its electronics group as it continues to advance materials technology and become the premiere materials partner for electronics firms worldwide.

New Loctite® High Temperature Threadlockers 

For use on threaded assemblies continuously exposed to extreme temperatures, Henkel Corporation has introduced Loctite® 2422™ and Loctite® 2620™, two threadlocking adhesives formulated to withstand heat and stress to 650ºF.

Henkel Adhesives and Sealants for Fuel Cell Assembly 

Henkel Corporation has introduced a full line of adhesives and sealants for use on micro-to-large, stationary or portable fuel cells.  Henkel products are compatible with membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) and include structural adhesives for metal and plastic bonding, threadlockers, thread sealants, seam sealants and general purpose adhesives.

Low-Temperature Cleaner for Metal Conversion Coating Processes 

Henkel Corporation has introduced an energy saving, low-temperature cleaner, Bonderite® Ridoline RT-153™, designed to be compatible with both phosphate and phosphate-free conversion coating technologies.  Formulated for use with phosphate-free nanotechnologies such as Bonderite® NT-1™ and Bonderite® TecTalis™, the new cleaner can also be used on zinc, iron and magnesium phosphate metal pre-treatment processes.

Henkel Moves North American Headquarters to Connecticut  

Move will create approximately 80 new jobs in the state.  

Henkel Corporation, Professional and Consumer Adhesives, Implements Second Price Increase of Its Professional Adhesive Lines this Year  

Henkel Corporation, Professional and Consumer Adhesives, manufacturer of professional adhesives and sealants under the Loctite®, PL®, Pro-Series® and Polyseamseal® brands, has announced a price increase that can reach a level of 20 percent depending on the category effective for August 1, 2008 shipments.

Henkel Signs Distribution Agreement with South African Firm 

As the company continues to expand in both established and emerging electronics manufacturing regions, the electronics group of Henkel today announced a new partnership to extend its presence in South Africa. The materials leader has signed on PEM Technologies to represent its line of Loctite® brand electronics adhesives in the growing South African region.

Henkel and Leading Shanghai-Region Academia form Joint Electronics Research and Failure Analysis Center 

Committed to promoting electronics material advancement in the burgeoning China region, Henkel and Shanghai University, in conjunction with several leading research universities, have entered into an agreement to form a Shanghai Region Joint Electronics Research and Failure Analysis Center.  The official signing ceremony marking the commencement of the partnership took place on June 10, 2008 at Henkel Asia-Pacific and China Headquarters in Shanghai, China.

GM and Henkel Take TecTalis Global  

General Motors Corporation and Henkel  have joined forces to launch the first global, full production trial of Henkel’s new conversion coating process, TecTalis, at GM’s manufacturing facility in Sao Jose Dos Campos, Brazil. Henkel’s TecTalis conversion coating process is the automotive industry’s first non-phosphate conversion coating for multi-metal bodies. This technology is projected to cut GM’s process costs, and improve efficiency of the vehicle assembly pretreatment operation while reducing the environmental impact.

Henkel Redesigns Technomelt® Hot Melt Packaging 

In an effort to reduce end-user processing time, labor costs and packaging waste, Henkel Corporation has begun to offer select Technomelt® brand hot melt adhesives in new finger-sized, ready-to-use packets.  These convenient packets load directly into the dispensing tank where the packet’s dry outer casing melts with the adhesive.

Henkel’s Aerospace Adhesive Facility Boosts Capacity 

The aerospace group of Henkel recently increased
manufacturing capacity at its Bay Point, Calif. facility.

Henkel Strengthens Aerospace Operations with New Personnel 

Henkel recently appointed Luigi Cusano as director of
operations and Luis Perez as supply chain manager

Safe, Reliable Loctite® Construction Adhesive Systems Transform Building Assembly 

Traditional residential and commercial building construction relies upon labor-intensive assembly methods involving costly hardware.

Henkel Launches Hysol® PL 7000™ to Solve Composite Bonding Challenges  

Henkel’s new film adhesive, Hysol® PL 7000™, an epoxy film adhesive, performs well even with pre-cured laminates that have been exposed to high humidity environments prior to secondary bonding.

Henkel’s Hysol® EA 9895™ Wet Peel Ply Qualifies at Airbus and Goodrich, in Qualification at Boeing 

The aerospace group of Henkel recently announced that Hysol® EA 9895™ composite bonding film received qualifications for Airbus and Goodrich, and is in qualification at Boeing.

Loctite® Freeze & Release Frees and Lubricates Rusted Threaded Assemblies 

To free seized or corroded assemblies, Henkel Corporation has introduced Loctite® Freeze & Release, a low viscosity, spray-on lubricant designed to shock-freeze metal parts, allowing lubricating oils to penetrate into rust layers.

Henkel’s Innovative Site Combines Anaerobic Adhesive Training and Entertainment 

Many design, manufacturing and repair professionals rely upon anaerobic adhesives and sealants every day to make their jobs easier.  Many are searching for information on alternatives to mechanical fasteners, sealants and gaskets.

Flexible, Weather-tight Elastic Adhesives and Sealants 

For a wide range of flexible metal bonding applications, Henkel Corporation has introduced Terostat® 7100™ Adhesive/Sealant and Terostat® 7700™ Adhesive, primerless, permanently elastic formulations used to bond and seal dissimilar substrates and resist vibration.

Henkel Launches New Fast Cure Silicone Ideal for Added Stability within Harsh Environments 

To offer added protection and stability for a wide range of electronics applications, Henkel has developed and made commercially available Loctite® 5210™, a new fast cure thixotropic silicone material ideal for devices that find end-use within harsh environments.

New Loctite® QuickStix™ Primer Ensures Maximum Performance of Anaerobic Machinery Adhesives 

It’s neat.  It’s clean.  It’s fast.  And it couldn’t be easier to carry or apply.  New Loctite® QuickStix™ 7088™ Primer is the first semisolid primer available to enhance the performance and speed the cure of anaerobic machinery adhesives used in threadlocking, thread sealing, gasketing, and retaining applications.

Breakthrough Epoxy Flux Technology from Henkel Offers Cost-Effective Single Material Solution for Advanced Package Configurations 

In what is truly a ground breaking material advance, Henkel Corporation has developed a new reflow cured encapsulant material that combines flux functionality and underfill protection into a single material.

Fast Curing, Highly Flexible Loctite® Visible Light Cure Adhesive for Medical Device Assembly 

For medical bonding, potting and sealing applications, Henkel Corporation has introduced a rapid curing, highly flexible visible light cure adhesive formulation, Loctite® 3974™.

Henkel’s Materials Innovations Honored at APEX 

Market-leading electronic materials company, Henkel Corporation, continues to prove its commitment to developing inventive and process-enhancing materials technologies and last week this effort was recognized as the company received three prestigious awards during the APEX event in Las Vegas.

UL-Listed, Spray-Grade Adhesive Bonds Insulation to Metal Cabinets and Ducts 

For appliance and HVAC assembly, Henkel Corporation has introduced a new spray-grade, water-based adhesive for wet-bonding insulation to metal ducts and cabinets. Flame retardant Adhesin® 56-5545™ provides excellent wet-tack and offers UL Class 1 certification.

Henkel Aquence™ Coating Systems Meets Challenging California Environmental Standards 

Henkel’s Aquence™ coating technology has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California protection authorities for use in local manufacturing facilities.

Henkel Announces New Automotive Alignment 

Henkel recently announced the reorganization of its automotive division to better align Henkel’s vast product portfolio with specific customer needs.

Henkel Showcases Automotive Innovations at SAE World Congress 

Henkel will display its innovative automotive solutions at the 2008 SAE World Congress at Cobo Center in Detroit.

Henkel Closes Acquisition of National Starch Businesses 

Adhesives business significantly strengthened.

Low Odor, Low Bloom Loctite® Instant Adhesive Bonds to a Wide Variety of Substrates 

Henkel Corporation has announced recent improvements to Loctite® 455™ Prism® Instant adhesive, a low odor, low blooming cyanoacrylate adhesive. The reformulation of Loctite® 455™ Prism® has resulted in faster, more consistent cure times throughout its shelf life, and the ability to bond a wider variety of materials including metals, plastics and elastomers.

Henkel Develops Breakthrough Low Energy Cleaner for Plastics and Composites 

Henkel Corporation has introduced the first low temperature, solvent and phosphate-free industrial cleaner formulated to remove difficult contaminants from plastic and composite surfaces.

New Gel Threadlocker Packaging Allows Pinpoint Control or Wide Coverage Dispensing 

A new medium strength gel threadlocker from Henkel Corporation, Loctite® 2033™, is packaged in a unique bottle designed to deliver both pinpoint and wide coverage dispensing options.

Fast Processing Loctite® Light/Moisture Cure Silicone Offers High Adhesion to Silicones and Plastics 

Henkel Corporation has introduced a new light and moisture curing silicone adhesive designed for use on medical devices that incorporate silicone materials or require highly flexible bond joints or coatings.

Henkel Honored with Two Inaugural Prime Source Awards from Electrical/Electronics Distributor, EIS 

Based on its commitment to success and ability to meet a set of challenging objectives, the electronics and industrial groups of Henkel have been awarded Prime Source Awards from Atlanta, Georgia-based EIS, a leading electrical/electronics industry distributor.

Hisco Honors Henkel as Supplier of the Year 

Hisco recently named the industrial group of Henkel as 2007 Supplier of the Year for overall business performance and outstanding ability to deliver quality products.

Henkel Honored with Inaugural Prime Source Award from Industrial Distributor, EIS 

Based on its commitment to success and ability to meet a set of challenging objectives, the industrial group of Henkel has been awarded a Prime Source Award from Atlanta, Georgia-based EIS, a leading industrial distributor.

Frekote Mold Release Coating for Polyester Structures 

Henkel Corporation has introduced Frekote® WOLO-HL™, a reduced-VOC, semipermanent mold release agent specifically developed for releasing low VOC polyester gelcoat and other tough releasing polyester structures.

Breakthrough Water-Based Resin for Concrete Floor Coatings 

For formulators of concrete floor coatings, Henkel Corporation has introduced QWF4744-C™, a breakthrough OH-functional water-based resin for use in twocomponent polyurethane water-based floor coatings.

Revolutionary Corrosion-Resistant Base Coating for Light Metals 

For light metal substrates, Henkel Corporation has developed a revolutionary multifunctional base coating, Alodine® EC2™ ElectroCeramic Coating, designed to provide exceptional chemical, corrosion, temperature and abrasion resistance while reducing parts processing costs.

Henkel Achieves Major Milestone with Launch of New AQUENCE™ Brand 

Henkel proudly announces AQUENCE™ as the brand name of its innovative autodeposition coating technology.  This water-based technology recently set new industry precedent by displacing conventional metal pretreatment and the electrocoat process for an entire automotive vehicle body.

New Solder Die Attach from Henkel Offers Unique Advantages for Power Semiconductor Devices 

Effective thermal control for copper leadframe power semiconductor devices is one of the most challenging issues facing package designers and assemblers today.  To address the obstacles that these high temperatures can pose, Henkel has developed Multicore® DA100, a robust and highly reliable dispensing grade die attach solder paste.

Henkel Literature Profiles Next Generation Visible Light Cure Adhesives 

New literature from Henkel Corporation profiles the next generation of Loctite® Indigo™ Visible Light Cure technology: innovative adhesives and equipment designed to deliver safe, efficient, and immediate cure using light in the visible spectrum. 

High Performance Sealer for Composite Molding 

Henkel Corporation has introduced Frekote® FMS-100™, a proprietary solvent-based sealer formulated for use on FPR, epoxy and other composite mold surfaces.

Henkel Launches New Quick Drying, Toluene-Free Conformal Coating System 

As the electronics industry continues to move toward more process- and operator-friendly manufacturing solutions, Henkel remains at the forefront of responsible, high performance materials development.  The company’s latest advancement in this area is a new toluene-free conformal coating material called Hysol® PC62.

New Water-Based Resin for Vinyl Floor Coatings 

Henkel Corporation has introduced QWF4744-V™, a breakthrough OH-functional water-based resin for use in two-component polyurethane water-based coatings for vinyl floors.

New Cornerbond™ Material from Henkel Offers Exceptional CSP and BGA Support with Self-Alignment 

In its continuous quest to deliver reliability enhancing materials for today’s advanced devices, Henkel Corporation has engineered a cost-effective Cornerbond™ underfill material for BGA and CSP devices.

Henkel Expands Lab Facilities in European Technical Headquarters for Electronics 

The electronics group of Henkel announces that it has completed the expansion of its state-of-the-art R&D and Applications laboratory in the company’s Hemel Hempstead facility in the United Kingdom.

Henkel Partners with DuPont to Distribute E-Coat 

Henkel has announced a collaboration with leading coatings provider DuPont, to distribute DuPont’s CorMax® electrocoat to the North American automotive parts supplier industry. 

New Literature on Adhesives and Sealants for Work Truck and Trailer Manufacturing 

New literature from Henkel Corporation takes a detailed look at adhesives and sealants used to manufacture and assemble truck bodies, trailers, material transport vehicles, utility trucks and emergency vehicles. 

Frekote® Water-Based Release Agent for High Performance Composites 

Henkel Corporation has introduced Frekote® Aqualine® C-600™, a proprietary water-based mold release agent for use on high performance composite parts and structures.  Originally developed for releasing large-scale parts such as wind mill blades, this release agent has been proven to greatly reduce reject rates.

Henkel Strengthens Asia Sales Team 

Craig Bell Named Sales Director, Japanese and Korean Key Accounts

Loctite® DuraPump™ Meter Mix Systems Precisely Dispense Two-Part Adhesives 

Henkel Corporation has introduced the Loctite® DuraPump™ Meter Mix Systems to dispense accurately two-part liquid or semisolid adhesive materials in a range of viscosities and ratios.


Henkel Corporation has introduced the next generation of Loctite® Indigo™ Visible Light Cure Adhesives formulated for improved performance in a broad array of bonding, potting and assembly applications.

Henkel Announces Expanded Line Of Loctite® Structural Adhesives 

Stronger, Tougher and More Reliable Than Fasteners and Welds


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