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Using a LOCTITE® Gasket Sealant can provide up to 95% material savings over hard gaskets while offering flexibility in design, allowing for lower cost manufacturing methods.

Gasket sealants are used to prevent leakage of fluids or gases by forming impervious barriers. They cure in the presence of metal and the absence of air to form a durable seal between components.

Featured Products:

LOCTITE 518 Gasket Sealant
LOCTITE 515 Gasket Sealant

LOCTITE® gasket sealants act as both a gasket sealant and a gasket adhesive between two flanges.
The liquid sealant completely fills the space between the flange surfaces, thereby preventing the escape of gaseous or fluid materials in composite machine parts or pipe connections.  At the same time, adhesion to the flange surfaces enhances the strength of the assembly.

LOCTITE gasket sealants also eliminate corrosion and provide an instant, low-pressure seal on an assembly after full cure. LOCTITE gasket sealants will not shrink, crack or relax, and resist displacement better than conventional gaskets.

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Featured Product: LOCTITE 5510 Adhesive / Sealant

LOCTITE® 5510™ is an ideal liquid gasketing product for LED lighting.

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High Temperature Products: Featuring LOCTITE 510™ 
Flexible Products: Featuring LOCTITE 5188™  

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Manufacturing & Assembly Maintenance & Repair (MRO) Vehicle Repair / Aftermarket

Gasket sealants designed for use on individual assembly applications in manufacturing facilities.

Gasket sealants designed for use on industrial maintenance, repair & overhaul applications.

Gasket sealants designed for use on the repair maintenance of cars, motorcycles, trucks, and marine equipment.

Advantages of LOCTITE® Gasket Sealants as compared to conventional pre-cut compression gaskets:

  • Reduce inventory by using one product for all designs
  • Flow to fill all surface voids and irregularities
  • Eliminate gasket relaxation and creep
  • Prevent gasket displacement and slippage
  • Provide instant seal
  • Provide excellent chemical resistance
  • Seal to withstand high pressure when fully cured

The major causes of failure and leakage of compression gaskets are:

  • Surface Contact: Compression gaskets do not provide total contact between the gasket and the flange surfaces. Therefore minor leakages may always occur (weeping rate)
  • Compression Set: Compression gaskets relax under dynamic loads and decrease in thickness, with subsequent loss of bolt tension in the flange joint resulting in leakage
  • Displacement: Gaskets can be squeezed out between flanges
  • Bolt Hole Distortion: High stresses are transferred to the gasket material under the bolt head, causing the gasket to crack, tear, rupture or extrude

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